The Angels of Abbey Creek Paper Dolls

I wrote a children’s novel, The Angels of Abbey Creek.

In Australia, where Christmas is in summer and dads like to play cricket, is a small town. Not far from this town, along a narrow, winding road, is the village of Abbey Creek. And on the edge of this village, nestled among the shady gum trees, is a sprawling brick house. This is the home of the Angel family: Mum, Dad, Edward, Kate, Joe, Celeste, Lizzie and Annie. And this is the story of their very adventurous year! It’s a year full of happy days and magic moments, of camping in the bush and perfect beach holidays, of feast days and birthdays and even a First Holy Communion. The year has exciting days and disastrous moments, with racing bushfires, naughty birds and scurrying mice. And it’s full of surprises. The biggest surprise of all happens on Christmas Day! The Angels of Abbey Creek contains 22 individual adventurous stories which fit together to tell the tale of one exciting year!

Then my daughter Charlotte designed paper dolls of all the Angel characters: Mum, Dad , Edward, Kate, Joe, Celeste, Lizzie and Annie.

Charlotte gave each doll different kinds of clothes such as beach wear, camping clothes, pyjamas, Sunday best clothes… Celeste even has a First Holy Communion dress!

Now all the stories in my book can be acted out!

Take a look….

These paper dolls are available as  free downloadable PDF files. You can print off the dolls as many times as you like!


  1. These are so cute! Good work, Charlotte! (I always made my own paper dolls as a girl, but I'd love to learn to do so on the computer for my own children someday!)

    1. Elizabeth,

      Paper dolls are great fun. I'm glad you liked Charlotte's. I'll pass on your kind comment to her. Thank you!

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