Rainbow Loom, More Rainbow Loom, Yet More Rainbow Loom…

Sophie is very excited when she receives a Rainbow Loom
bracelet from her American pen pal: “Do you think we could try making some of
these too?”

So I visit ebay and we browse page after page of loom supplies,
before ordering a kit. While we are waiting for it to arrive, Sophie watches a
number of Rainbow Loom tutorials on Youtube. After a week or so, the kit lands
in our mail box. Sophie grins and Gemma-Rose says, “Will I be able to make bracelets too?” 
As soon as the wrappings are removed, they
start taking turns creating bracelets.“Would it help if we ordered another kit?” I ask.
“Yes, please, Mum!”
So I order a second kit. 
Soon the girls have everything they
need to create bracelets simultaneously. Soon Sophie and Gemma-Rose have tried out a dozen or more
designs. Soon they’ve uploaded photos of their creations to DIY. Soon we are
ordering more bands.
“Do you like this bracelet, Mum? Would you like to have it? I’ve
made one for Dad too… and one for Charlotte and another for Imogen…” Soon we
each have an armful of bracelets.

Then one day, when Sophie is online browsing loom supplies,
she cries, “Look at these tie-dye bands, Mum! Oh and there’s glow-in-the-dark
ones too… and sparkly glitter ones.”
Soon we all have a glittery bracelet and a tie-dye one as well,
and even a glow-in-the-dark one.
“You could try making up your own designs?” I suggest. So the girls design a few bracelets of their own.
They also continue watching Rainbow Loom videos, until one day…
Sophie cries, “Mum, did you know you can make animals from
loom bands?” Soon little rubber creatures are appearing off the end of the loom.
“I’ve made this Angry Bird for Callum. He can put it on his
Sophie then discovers she can make loom flowers. She makes one for me and another for Imogen. Then…
“Oh look at this, Mum! I’ve just found some Rainbow Loom
designs to make Disney princesses!”
Disney princesses? Is there nothing that can’t be made from
a small rubber band?
“I’d need some skin toned bands…”
“Go and find out how much they cost.”
We visit the Rainbow Loom website: $10 for a packet of skin toned bands, including postage, direct from the USA.
I’ve already bought looms and standard bands and special
bands and more standard bands… Should I buy skin toned bands too?
Sophie looks at me and says, “You could take some money from
my bank account to pay for them.”
“You really want them that much?”
Sophie nods. Her eyes are shining. This is no ordinary
interest. This is a passion. I think for a moment and then I come to a decision…
“School supplies,” I say. Everyone needs school supplies. I
click a packet of skin toned bands into my cart.
So what is the point of this story?
Could it be that children’s passions need to be valued and encouraged whatever they are?  Isn’t everything a learning experience, even Rainbow Loom bracelets? 

When I go to the girls’ bedroom to say goodnight, I find Gemma-Rose tucked up in bed with her computer on her knees. “Mum, look at this! Instructions for making a Rainbow Loom pi symbol!”

A pi symbol? A Rainbow Loom pi symbol? That reminds me of a Fibonacci Rainbow Loom bracelet I saw online. I must tell you about that… another time!

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  1. Reply

    Yes everywhere you turn these days people are using them. One of the local homeschool mum is as into them as her daughter and posted a photo of a dragon that she made from them recently. The girls look very happy with them!

    1. Reply


      I've been thinking about you, wondering where you've been and if you're okay. I took on the blogging challenge because of your FB comment, and then you left me on my own, disappearing halfway through it!! Good to see you back in the blogosphere!

      A Rainbow Loom dragon? The possibilities seem endless. I imagine the person who invented Rainbow Loom is now very rich. Playing around with bands was indeed a very productive way of spending time!

  2. Reply

    After a bit (okay, maybe more than a bit) of pleading, I received one of these bracelets made for me from my 7 year old granddaughter. I am thrilled! It's her favorite color, purple, and to me it may as well be made of amethyst. 🙂

    I LOVE the colors your girls have in theirs!

    1. Reply


      I love wearing jewellery the girls have made for me! Very special. I received a fabulous plastic ring from my Goddaughter for my birthday. Much better than all the expensive jewellery in the shops. She was so thrilled I liked it. I'm guessing your granddaughter is also thrilled because you like her bracelet. Purple is Sophie's favourite colour too. She is wearing a purple bracelet in the photo. It has beads woven into it. It's amazing how many different designs there are!

  3. Reply

    This made us smile 🙂

    1. Reply


      You will have guessed that your girls are the pen-pals in this story. Their kind gift inspired a passion! The skin toned bands arrived yesterday. My girls can't wait to create with them!

    2. Reply

      We spent the afternoon on youtube working on rainbow loom creation – Emma is now sporting her angry bird necklace 😉

    3. Reply


      It sounds like you had a great afternoon creating with Rainbow Loom!

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