Stolen Paintings and Real Life Maths

Last week was a hunting week…

My daughters and I watched as the FBI tried to hunt down a number of stolen masterpieces. And then I went on a hunt for some real life maths experiences. (Where’s all that maths everyone says the world is full of?)

Did the FBI recover the paintings? Were the criminals apprehended? And did I find some maths notes to add to my rather empty looking homeschool records book?

All will be revealed in this week’s podcast!

In episode 49:

  • I talk about the educational value of documentaries and lifestyle TV programs
  • I share some of the Youtube videos we’ve been enjoying
  • I describe how I translate these videos into notes for my homeschool records book
  • I tell you about the real life maths experiences I did eventually hunt down
  • Along the way, I share lots of resources!

Podcast Notes

Blog post


I haven’t viewed all the following resources. Some contain adult content. Perhaps you could take a look before giving them to your children if you are concerned.

Art Documentaries on Youtube:

Websites and Articles about Stolen Paintings


Grand Designs

(TV Shows are full of learning experiences!)
Episodes of Grand Designs on Youtube
(Generally, Grand Design is child-friendly. Occasionally, the people involved have very different values and ideas to ours.This could be good or bad depending on the situation!)

Home Design Software


Please join me on Pinterest. I’m continually adding resources to my boards!


Image: Empty Frames at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Thank you for listening!

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