Strewing Astonishing Apples on the Wall

I’ve been looking for something attention grabbing to strew on our wall. Which artist’s works can I print off and frame, and then hang up on the wall where
my children will see them? What will generate some good discussion?

A couple of days ago, while I was browsing the Internet for
a suitable image to go with a post I’d written for my Sue Elvis Writes blog, I
stumbled across something spectacular: Apples. Apples? Yes!
Apparently, Paul Cezanne said, “I will astonish Paris with
an apple!” He certainly astonished me.
Normally, I’m not a still life
person. Scenes of fruit and jugs and flowers have never captured my attention before.
But I love Cezanne’s paintings. I’m not sure why I like looking at them. Could
it be the rich colours? What do you think? Do you like them too?
So I am off to download some high resolution files of a few
of Cezanne’s paintings. I will print them on A4 matte photographic paper. And then
one by one, I will display them in the picture frame I have hanging on the wall at
eye-level, between our kitchen and family room.
I think I’m going to have a problem deciding which paintings to download first. There are so many possibilities: apples with pears or oranges, jugs, baskets, flowers, bottles… The combinations are endless.
I’m not going to say a word to my children about the paintings. I’m just
going to wait and see if anyone remarks on them. I will report back.
Oh yes! I must print off some art cards too.
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Wikimedia Commons: high resolution images of Cezanne’s paintings to download
Kahn Academy: Cézanne’s Still Life with Apples video
Garden of Praise: Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne
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    My first impression of these paintings was that they weren't very real. I wasn't all that attracted to them. But, then, I looked closer because I wanted to understand their appeal and I saw a reality that wasn't obvious at first glance. Despite the apparent crudeness of the style, the peaches have a soft, downy texture and the apples are waxy and shiny. It's actually quite fascinating and more subtle than it appears.

    The boldness of the technique and style seem to accentuate the subtle textures and the vibrant colours.

    Thank you for sharing, Sue. I hope everyone enjoys them!

    God bless:-)

    1. Reply


      Thank you for sharing your observations on these paintings. I didn't look at them with your artistic eye. I just know there is something that appeals to me in each one. I suspect it is colour, but I will look at larger images and see if I can see the details you mention.

      You said that at first you weren't attracted to the paintings, and the fruit didn't appear to be real. Do you prefer art that is realistic in style?

      I have never really looked at still life paintings before. I shall blame you for my sudden change of heart (and these apples too!) I have been enjoying your own still life photographs. Yes, there is beauty and meaning in the putting together of various objects.

      I haven't read anything about Cezanne yet. I'm hoping the girls will show an interest. Even if they don't, I want to know more about these paintings. I might watch the Kahn Academy video.

      Thank you for your comment!

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    Oh, you are inspiring me to delve into the art book someone gave me a few weeks ago 😉 Last year we looked at VanGogh, Frida Kahlo and Mary Cassatt – having fun with them all, thanks in part to some great picture books 🙂

    1. Reply


      Van Gogh and Cassatt are favourite artists of ours, but I haven't heard of Frida Kahlo. I shall have to do some investigation! I think we've only got one picture book based on famous artists. Obviously there are lots more.

      Enjoy your art book!

    2. Reply

      We've a great library system – the perk of being on the edge of a large city 🙂 I dream of small town living and walking everywhere, but I would miss our library.

    3. Reply


      Our library is relatively small. I guess we could order books through the inter-library loan system. There might be a fee for that though. If you post your favourite books on your blog, (when you have more time) I'd enjoy reading about them. I could put them on my wish list and collect them one at a time.

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