Sue Elvis: An Interview


I receive an email:


I saw your book. It’s fantastic. And it’s now on Kindle. You’re going to be famous! Can we meet for coffee? I’d like to interview you.


Octavia? I scratch my head for a moment or two and then I smile. The email must be from Octavia Latte, the most famous book reviewer on the Internet. Octavia has the power to make or break an author. And she wants to interview me!

What sort of questions will Octavia ask me? Perhaps I should get prepared, jot down a few notes.

I start typing…

What’s your name?

Sue Elvis.

Any relation to Elvis Presley?

No, but I am married to a superstar: Andy Elvis.

How old are you?

I’m about 30 on the inside. (My outside is looking a bit older.)

Where do you live?

In a brick house surrounded by gum trees in a village in Australia.

How many children do you have?

More than I expected. And less than I expected. I have 7 living children. Thomas died when he was one day old. And I never got to meet my other 7 babies. They died far too soon.

More than you expected?

Oh yes, once upon a time, I had my own ideas about my life. I wanted to be in total control of it. I thought I’d have, maybe, three or four children… But unexpectedly I had more. Somehow a lot of unexpected things happened. For example, I never expected to become a Catholic.


Yes, I said I’d never become a Catholic. Somehow I did. But don’t let that put you off.  I’m really quite normal. Well, actually I’m not. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

What are you passionate about? What do you like to do?

Writing. I love it. Except for those times when I hate it. When inspiration disappears and my words stop singing, I say, “I’m never going to write again!” But I always do. Somehow I can’t give it up. I might be addicted.

What do you write about?

I write about what I know: my family, my life. Sometimes I turn that into children’s fiction, like my novel, The Angels of Abbey Creek. Other times, I just share personal stories on my blogs. I especially like to write about unschooling.

Unschooling? Isn’t that a bit weird? Are you a bit weird?

Oh yes, definitely! But I love being this way. So does my family. Why be like everyone else? Actually, I’d like everyone to unschool. I suppose we wouldn’t be different if everyone joined us. But that’s okay. I want everyone to experience the love and joy of this way of life. That’s why I blog about it…

Words are flowing. I’ve got lots to say. Then…

I hear a ‘ding!’ An email notification! Perhaps it’s Octavia again. I smile. I open my inbox.


I got the wrong book. And the wrong Sue. I won’t be interviewing you after all. Sorry about the mix-up,


The wrong book? The wrong Sue? I’m not going to be famous? My heart sinks to the bottom of my boots. But after a moment or two, I sigh with relief. How would I have coped with fame? All those parties and other publicity events. I shudder at the thought. You see, I’m an introvert. Yes, fame just wouldn’t have suited me.

But what about my writing? Don’t I want people to read it?  Oh yes, I do. Do you think, even without fame, people might read my books? You never know. Perhaps someone will read one of my books and enjoy it. She might tell someone else, who might tell someone else…

“Have you read The Angels of Abbey Creek?” they might ask.

And what about my blog? Will anyone want to follow along with our non-famous unschooling adventures? (I know ten reasons they should.) Will they want to get to know me better? I hope they do.

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    • Fliq
    • December 15, 2015

    Aw mum! Octavia is missing out!

    Congratulations on your Kindle release of Angels! I love you so much! xx

    1. Reply


      Thank you! I love you very much too! xxx

  1. Reply

    Dear Sue, I'm so happy to hear that you're getting famous 😉 I do, meanwhile suffer from the delusion that Octavia Latte is somehow related to Bob Blogosphere.
    Do go on with your stories. I'm missing your "Sue Elvis Writes"-stories about St. Joseph's sofa and other happenings Will they ever return? Btw I also miss Bob, what happened to him?

    1. Reply


      I wonder if Octavia is Bob's sister? Or perhaps a cousin? Yes, she reminds me very much of Bob. And she seems to have a talent for NOT interviewing me just like Bob!

      I had fun writing this story. I miss my Sue Elvis Wites stories too. I lost my inspiration for them. Maybe it will return! Who knows? Bob might return too! I think I left him at a wedding. I might have to go and find him!

    • Faith
    • December 15, 2015

    You are too funny. I have got to read Angels of Abbey Creek! Putting it on my to do list!

    1. Reply


      I'm glad you smiled. I hadn't written a fun post for a long time. It made a nice change. I hope you enjoy The Angels of Abbey Creek when you read it. Thanks for putting it on your list!

    • Hwee
    • December 15, 2015

    I was fooled at the beginning too! It's a funny story. Congratulations on the release of your new book on Kindle, Sue, and keep writing!

    1. Reply


      Wouldn't it have been great if the interview offer had been real? But unfortunately Octavia is only a product of my silly imagination! Thank you for your congratulations. And I will keep writing!

      We haven't chatted for a while, but I have been reading your posts. I hope Tiger recovers from his ear infection quickly, and you all enjoy the Christmas season!

  2. Reply

    I am smiling from ear to ear. Octavia has no idea how much fun she's missing from the interview that almost was but isn't but definitely is. She and Bob are obviously connected. I'll bet they're married and she's retaining her maiden name so all her fans will know who she is. And they have two children and three cats and a parrot and a poodle….

    1. Reply


      I love sharing my silly stories with you. So glad you read this one and stopped by with your thoughts. Yes, Octavia and Bob are defintiely related. I'm not sure they are married. I see Bob as someone who thinks he doesn't need anyone to help him through life. I also think that could change when the right person appears on the scene! Octavia has a poodle with bows in her hair. Bob's dog might be more masculine to match his own vision of himself: something big and muscular and imposing.

      Isn't it fun to make up characters and imagine their lives? I really must write some more fiction stories. Howe about you? Perhaps you can write some for your beautiful grandchildren!

  3. Reply

    Must admit it was the surname latte that had me suspicious!! Xx

    1. Reply


      Yes, I just added a coffee to Octavia and came up with Octavia Latte! Your comment made me curious. Is Latte a real surname? It seems it is! According to one website, it's the 62,825th most common surname in the world! xx

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