Taking Time Out

Yesterday I recorded a podcast, but when I played it back, I wasn’t happy with it. My words sounded flat and uninteresting. My ideas didn’t sparkle. I wondered why I thought I had anything worth saying.

So today, instead of publishing the podcast, I decided to write a blog post. I hoped writing would convey my thoughts better. But after a few sentences, it was obvious my words were still uninspiring.

I have lots of ideas, things I want to share, but my fingers are heavy. They won’t turn what’s inside my head into something worth reading.

Perhaps I’m tired. Or could I be in need of a change?

I look at the stack of books waiting in my library basket. Some are about ideas and creativity, and others are novels. There’s a book about poetry. I could open one of these books and slip away to another world for a time, gather some new ideas, relax and enjoy.

As I think about this, I gaze out the window. The beautiful autumn sun has reappeared after a long period of rain. The washing line, laden with clothes, turns slowly in the breeze. The native bush on the other side of our garden fence beckons. I imagine running along a bush track, dodging around the puddles, breathing in the damp earthy air, letting my mind go free.

But instead of running, I could walk down to the main fire trail with my camera. I’d like to take some photos of the huge brown mushrooms which have sprouted under the gum trees. I could lie on my stomach in the leaf litter, and look through the lens at the world, from a different angle.

Or I could stay home and knit a few rows of the blue hooded cape I’m making for Gemma-Rose. And while my fingers are busy, I could listen to some music or a spiritual talk, or chat with my girls.

There’s lots of things I could do other than blogging and podcasting.

I want to write and speak about this amazing unschooling life, but that’s impossible when all my words are dull and heavy, so I’m going to take some time out. I am going do something different. At least for a while.

There is something magical about the Australian bush. When I am running along a track, that winds its way through the bush, my normal world seems so far away. All the things that normally fill my mind, fall away, and I am free to enjoy the birds, the flowers, the pink and grey and orange sandstone rocks, the wind on my face, the challenge of a steep hill…

Do you have somewhere you like to escape to, a place where the cares of the world drop away?

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  1. Reply

    It's a great time of the year for changing things up a little.
    My thoughts keep returning to wanting to leave the city and live in the country. I wish I could just be content here, but I always return to that gnawing feeling. So I try to make small changes.
    Today when I was feeling that way, I decided to make positive changes. I cleaned the windows because I love the sun streaming through clear windows. I mixed up a hot mash for our chooks to give them a treat. I de-cluttered a little more. I removed some junk from our front driveway that has bothered me for ages. It looks better! And I feel better 🙂

    1. Reply


      Yes, moving into a new season does make us think of change. I feel a bit sad that the mild weather will soon come to an end. I'm not looking forward to the cold because I know I will feel less inclined to get outside and be active. I will have to push myself to do it.

      I need to do more de-cluttering too. Maybe all the little jobs that I've been avoiding, because I've been busy, are playing on my mind. Time to stop and clean and get organised! Some time away from writing could be good.

      Perhaps a move to the country will happen for you one day when you least expect it. I'm glad you're feeling better. It sounds like you had a very positive day!

      • Amy
      • May 5, 2015

      Reading this just makes me want to come visit you in the worst way. You have such a way with words & I've ALWAYS wanted to come visit Australia anyway. Would love walk your Australian bush path with you….notice I said WALK & not RUN. 😉 LOL

    2. Reply


      I would love to have you visit us! We don't have the same kind of tourist attractions as Sydney, but we think we live in a great place! Actually, many Sydneysiders like to come down here for their weekends, especially in winter, to enjoy our cooler weather, open fires and lovely scenery. We have lots of national parks and recreation areas where we can go walking, including the one at the end of our road. Yes, I would take you for some walks (not runs!) and show you all our nature. You might even see a kangaroo or wallaby. Hopefully, you wouldn't see a snake! It's lovely to dream!

  2. Reply

    Hi, Sue,
    I bet just writing about what you'd like to do felt good. Your description of the outdoors was vivid and delightful. Maybe just writing about something else was what you needed, along with an outdoor outing. Hope you did. I felt the same way yesterday. Writing was flat as well, but I did enough to prep for today. I finally went out for a short walk in the late afternoon with the Husband, which helped a lot.

    1. Reply


      Oh yes, I did enjoy writing about all the possibilities! And then after I hit' publish', I headed out for a run. I flew along the track and that made me feel much better. I did the same today because again, I felt I didn't achieve much. I suppose sometimes we just need to close our computers and get outside and forget work for a while. I'm sorry your writing felt flat too. Sounds like enjoyed your walk with the Husband though!

  3. Reply

    I go through "seasons" of writing and writing, and then draaaaaggy ones when I can't get a single thought on paper. "Heavy" is a good word for it.

    While you head into cooler weather, we in the central USA are having our first "hot summer" weather this week. I'm a cool weather person…would you like to trade?!

    1. Reply


      It's strange how our words can flow easily one day, and then the next they feel so heavy, and there doesn't seem much we can do about it. Maybe just wait for the next season to arrive and not worry about it!

      I'm a fussy weather person. I don't like hot weather or cold weather. In between weather is just right! Hot weather is always so draining, so perhaps I'll stop complaining about our cool weather. Actually it's not too bad at the moment. It will get much colder before spring arrives again!

  4. All of those things sound very inviting. I hope you enjoy your time away, and I do hope you come back revived and ready to share…because it is a life worth sharing.

    1. Reply

      An Almost Unschooling Mom,

      What kind words! Thank you so much for your encouragement. This morning, I read an article about what to do when we lose our writing mojo. The advice included such things as rest, doing something different, getting outside to exercise, and maybe writing for relaxation rather than for a a particular purpose. I think I'm on the right track!

  5. Reply

    Oops what happened to my comment? I'll try and repeat mysef.
    It is amazing how being in the nature, be it the Australian bush, a Danish beech wood, or the Taiga, that makes all our everyday worries and bustlings seem small and insignificant.
    And the law of undulations goes here as everywhere, (What Nancy calls Seasons) Go to the bush, and return home when things have gotten their rigth size back again.
    God bless

    1. Reply


      I'm sorry your comment disappeared. That can be very frustrating! I'm glad you didn't give up.

      I'd love to walk through your beech woods or the taiga. (I had to google taiga!) Yes, when we are surrounded by such majesty and beauty, our everyday worries do seem small. I experience the same thing when I stand on the shore and look out at the seemingly never-ending waves of the ocean.

      Oh I do like your sentence about things going back to their right size. That is a perfect description!

      God bless you too!

  6. Sue, I am amazed you feel inspired to write such beautiful posts as often as you do! How lovely to sometimes feel the pull of other pastimes, and to be able to be kind to ourselves and grant ourselves the freedom to follow that calling – as we would want our children to do, maybe. I hope you are enjoying your relaxation.

    I had a lovely dream last night that I was in Sydney on my way to visit you. I hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish! If I am lucky enough to visit Australia again one day I hope we will be able to have a cup of tea and a chat together!

    1. Reply


      You are a dear, kind friend! I think spending time with other pastimes every now and then refreshes us. Writing can get stale. I guess it's better to take time out rather than plod on. I've been spending time reading, and we've had several celebrations which have been lovely distractions. Do you remember my waterfall photos of some months ago? The waterfall wasn't very spectacular because of lack of rain. Well, yesterday we returned to the waterfall and it was huge! I took hundreds of photos of the falls and the bush and, of course, the girls enjoying a birthday picnic (Sophie's).

      Oh I like your dream very much! Maybe one day it will come true. You are a very adventurous friend. I can just imagine you getting on a plane and coming to see me!

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