The Angels of Abbey Creek Paper Dolls

Some time ago my girls wanted to earn some pocket money.

“You could make some paper dolls of my Angels of Abbey Creek characters,” I suggested. “You could sell PDF files of the dolls.”

The Angels of Abbey Creek is my children’s novel:

In Australia, where Christmas is in summer and dads like to play cricket, is a small town. Not far from this town, along a narrow, winding road, is the village of Abbey Creek. And on the edge of this village, nestled among the shady gum trees, is a sprawling brick house. This is the home of the Angel family: Mum, Dad, Edward, Kate, Joe, Celeste, Lizzie and Annie. And this is the story of their very adventurous year! It’s a year full of happy days and magic moments, of camping in the bush and perfect beach holidays, of feast days and birthdays and even a First Holy Communion. The year has exciting days and disastrous moments, with racing bushfires, naughty birds and scurrying mice. And it’s full of surprises. The biggest surprise of all happens on Christmas Day! The Angels of Abbey Creek contains 22 individual adventurous stories which fit together to tell the tale of one exciting year!

Charlotte liked the idea of creating some paper dolls to go with my book. She got out her laptop and her graphics pad and started drawing. She drew Mum and Dad and their six children: Edward, Kate, Joe, Celeste, Lizzie and Annie. Of course, the dolls needed clothes.

“If you draw beach wear, Bush Boys clothes, Sunday best outfits, pyjamas…  children could act out the stories in my book,” I said. “Celeste will need a First Holy Communion dress.”

So Charlotte drew and coloured (using GIMP) until each Angel doll had a set of outfits.

Then it was time to try out the paper dolls. We took the PDF files down to the print shop and they printed out the dolls on some good quality card. We could have printed them at home, but we wanted them to look extra-special because we were going to give them to an extra-special person: my Goddaughter.

On my Goddaughter’s birthday, I gave her a home-bound copy of my second Angels book, The Angels of Gum Tree Road, (soon to be published, I hope!) and the set of Angels paper dolls. Did she like them? Oh yes!

“They’re so cool!” she cried. “Now I can act out all your stories.”

We’re hoping other children will like the paper dolls too.

Today I learned something new: I worked out how to sell a file stored in Google Drive using a PayPal Buy Now button. If anyone clicks on the button, they should be able to buy the paper dolls using a PayPal account. The files (or a link) will be emailed to the buyer. At least that’s what I hope will happen. Not having tried it out, I can’t be sure our little paper doll shop is in working order. I guess if there are any problems someone will let me know and I’ll fix them!

Even though Charlotte will be selling her paper dolls, we want to give a free set to anyone who has helped (or will help) me promote my book by writing a review or blog post This isn’t a payment or a bribe for good reviews. It’s a small gift to say “Thank you for taking the time to write an honest (positive or negative!) opinion.”

If you have helped me and would like a set of paper dolls, I’ll send you the paper doll download link once I have your email address. (There’s a contact button at the bottom of my blog page.)

There are more details about the paper dolls on my new Angels Paper Doll page. I hope you’ll take a look!

I worked out how to sell paper dolls online! Now what shall I learn to do next?

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  1. Reply

    These are so lovely and delightful. Charlotte is quite an artist. I'll have to show my girls. They will be thrilled! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Kim. I'll pass on your kind words to Charlotte. In her free time, she is drawing some pictures for my second Angels book. I hope to publish the book soon!

  2. Reply

    Hello! First just want to let you know that my five year old and I are really enjoying "The Angels of Abbey Creek". I purchased the paper dolls so that she can play with them while I read to her, but nothing has been sent to my email account yet (purchased two days ago)… Thanks.

    1. Reply


      I'm so sorry you haven't received your paper doll link. There must be a broken link somewhere in the Paypl system I set up. I shall investigate! In the meantime, I just sent you the link via an email.

      Thank you so much for buying both my book and the paper dolls. I'm glad you and your daughter are enjoying my stories. I hope you both like the dolls too!

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