The Dead Body and Other Stories


At the moment, it’s the school holidays here in Australia. My school teacher husband, Andy, is home from work for a couple of weeks.

Life around here changes a bit when Andy’s at home. We tend to do different things at different times. And because of that, I wondered if I’d get around to recording my usual weekly podcasts.

Just to be sure I’d have something to publish, I decided to record a couple of episodes ahead of time, leaving the holidays free to do other things. So a week or so ago, I recorded two ‘holiday specials’. These are family story episodes.

In Episode 67, I tell some (hopefully) funny stories.

Locked Out, Locked In and Lies
We no longer have babies, toddlers and older-little children in our family. My youngest child, Gemma-Rose, is 12. And so life is usually calm and predictable and, to some extent, organised. But a few years ago, life was very different. Locked Out, Locked In and Lies is a story about a time when I had four young children including a curious 7-year-old son. One day, he got his arm stuck in a post box. What would you do if your child did that? What did I do?

Andy Elvis Presley
Andy Elvis Presley is a story about my husband who has a great sense of humour. He hired a costume and dressed up as Elvis. He sang Blue Suede Shoes at a school concert. Was he a success? Is he a superstar?

There’s a Dead Body Near Our Running Track
You might know my girls and I love running along the bush tracks close to home. But did you hear about the dead body? Oh my, there was a terrible smell in our beautiful bush! What would you do if you suspected a murder had been committed? What did we do?

A Doctor’s Waiting Room Education
When Gemma-Rose was 7 years old we spent an hour in a doctor’s waiting room watching The Morning Show. We got an unexpected education. So did the other people in the room. Gemma-Rose told me exactly what she thought very loudly so everyone could hear. Has that every happened to you? What did I do?

I hope you’ll listen to my stories to find out the answers to all those questions!

And if you like stories…

My children’s novel The Angels of Abbey Creek can be found on Amazon as a paperback or a Kindle ebook.

Podcast music: 60’s Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

Images: Sophie and Nora are walking through our beautiful Australian bush. This is where we run. It’s where we noticed a terrible smell. We suspected it was a dead body…

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  1. I love funny stories. With my kids around – a baby and a toddler (so far, I pray there'll be more) I do have a lot of funny stories to tell.
    I don't want to spam your blog comments so I'm just going to tell a nice but short story of what my kids like to do.

    Our toddler sure is a smart child. I remember the days when I could hide things from her that I didn't want her to play with. So one day I shut a door in our house in order to keep her out of that room. My toddler, however, was eager to get into that room, because her Dad was in there (my husband tried to take a nap). Other children might have nagged because I locked her out of the bedroom. Not my toddler, though.

    At first I thought she had given up and gone to play, but then I heard some odd noises from the door. On tiptoes I silently walked to the hallway to see what she was up to.

    So I saw my little one climbing on a chair that she had dragged from the kitchen to the hallway. She put the chair right in front of the bedroom door – and opened it. Just seconds later I saw her jumping in our bed next to her Dad. She was overjoyed.

    From that day on I couldn't hide anything from her any more.

    1. Reply

      living a Catholic fairy tale,

      I love your story! I can imagine everything you described. I can see your daughter's joyful face. She is obviously a problem solver and very resourceful. No nagging for her. She knew a better way!

      Thanks for sharing your story which made me smile. And thank you for listening to my podcast!

  2. Reply

    Enjoy your holidays. I am very curious, did you ever discover just what was the cause of that smell? I remember a discussion about flowers, trees, hidden snacks gone vad or whatnpt, but a solution I donøt remember. I like your old stories very much, and now my computer is once again behaving, I hope to listen to Imogen singing.
    God bless.

    1. Reply


      We never did discover the source of that terrible smell. We did smell it again though. A year later, almost to the day, the smell reappeared which makes me think it might be plant related. Flowers, maybe?

      I enjoyed revisiting these old stories. It was always fun writing them and sharing them on my other blog. I haven't done that kind of writing for a long time. I'm too busy here with unschooling. We are in the final stages of getting my next children's book ready for publication. Last night when I was looking through the manuscript I got the urge to do some more creative writing. Always so many things I want to do!

      I hope you enjoy Imogen's singing when you get a chance to watch her video.

      God bless you too!

  3. Reply

    Loved the stories, Sue- just delightful! My girls were in the office while I was listening (we have three desks and lots of shelves crammed into a tiny room) and we were all three laughing and laughing!

    1. Reply


      I'm so glad you and your girls enjoyed listening to my stories. I had a lot of fun writing them. They made me smile, but I wasn't sure anyone else would find them funny. Then again, you're a bit weird like us, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised you laughed!

      Today, I published another stories episode of my podcast. This time the stories are about love.

      Thank you so much for listening and for your comment!

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