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It has just occurred to me that maybe I should let everyone know this blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family, has been nominated for a Homeschool Post Blog Award in the category Best Homeschool Methods Blog.

Yes, I am a bit slow. The nominations were announced on November 4th and it was only a few minutes ago that I thought of writing this post. So why am I so far behind the rest of the blogging world? Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in my fictional world recently, working on my novel. It’s also my son Thomas’ birthday today and his death day tomorrow. The week leading up to this time of year is never normal. That has probably distracted me as well.

Anyway, there is a big reason I want to tell you about the blog awards. This post gives me the opportunity to thank Chris of Campfires and Cleats for thinking of my blog and nominating it. Chris’ blog is up for an award in two categories: Best Photos Blog and Best Special Needs  Blog. If you’d like to vote for Chris’ blog, I’m sure she would appreciate it.

Everyone can vote once a day until November 18th. I don’t expect to win. Quite apart from the fact there is some stiff competition out there, I feel awkward asking anyone to vote for my blog. And I can’t vote for myself. Well, I can. It’s in the rules. But I won’t. Somehow I’m not comfortable with that idea.

But I’m happy just being nominated. And it’s good to have such friends as Chris, who encourage me. I love sharing this great blogging adventure with you! I hope Chris wins an award!


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    Aw, Sue, how nice to click over and see this! Thanks so much for the kind words; you didn't have to…but it's so sweet…..I hear you on the voting thing. My hubby and son vote on their own laptops and I am putting it out there on soc media….we'll see. I don't expect to win either. But I certainly hope that you do, friend. Your blog is a treasure trove of resources and encouragement! Really, isn't the blogosphere just loaded with ppl who share so many innovative and creative materials? I have learned so much and had experiences that were just so postive in the year I've been blogging.But yours deserves a special nod.

    More importantly, what a week you've had…I'm so sorry about your Thomas. The anniversary must be so debilitating. I'm really happy I clicked over today to read abt Thomas b/c this week has been full and I have not had a chance to read either of your blogs. ( I do need to get caught up with your SEW series. At this point, I;m only 9 days behind. ) Keeping you in prayer as you spend his anniversary tomorrow….Will light a candle at mass tomorrow. (It's only 5PM Sat here now)

    Take care and be well. Will be in touch,

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      I really am hoping you win an award, Chris. You are one of those people who connect others together and make a huge difference in this blogging world. Yes, there are some wonderful blogs out there. It will be a close race in many categories. But it doesn't really matter who wins because we all win when it comes to friendship. I always enjoy sharing with you and other readers and bloggers!

      Today is Thomas' death day and I must admit I felt miserable this morning. But that's ok. When we love we grieve and I don't want to forget. Tomorrow the sun will be shining again and there will be other things to think about.

      I have posted so many stories recently I'm not surprised you have got behind. Too many in too short a time! When you do get a chance, there are two Angels stories I would love you to read. They are about Fr James Tierney's Bush Boys books. I was thinking of your sons when I was posting them. I know they like camping. Would they like camping stories set in the Australian bush? I hope so! I am planning to do a give-away of a couple of Bush Boys books very soon. Please watch out for it!

      Chris, I appreciate your prayers and the candle. You are very special. Thank you!

    • amy
    • November 9, 2013

    I have been voting for you daily! I really hope you win!!! xx

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      Oh my! Thank you so much. That is so very kind of you. I am so very blessed in my blogging friends. Thank you for stopping by to add a smile to my day.

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    Voted for your blog, Sue, because I experience inspiration and support from your stories!

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      Oh thank you! You are so kind, and I do appreciate your comment and your vote. God bless!

  3. I hope you win, Sue! Reading your blog gives me so much inspiration and enjoyment. When I voted for you I was hoping I might find a few other unschooling blogs but I was surprised to find you were the only one! Lucky for us you do it so well!

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      I've also been looking through the award nominees to find new blogs but you are right; mine is the only unschooling one! I'm going to visit all the Best Homeschool Vlogger blogs. Maybe I can pick up some ideas to improve my videos!

      Thank you so much for voting for my blog. You really are very kind!

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      I had another look at the nominees. A couple of blogs are described as 'real life' blogs and another is 'delight directed'. I guess these might be similar to unschooling. i shall have to look!

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