The Problem With Being an Introverted Blogger

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Some days I want to delete all my blogs and Facebook pages and disappear from this online world forever. The thought of writing another post, or commenting on someone else’s blog, fills me with dread. I just don’t want to do it.

A couple of times I actually clicked onto the ‘delete’ button, and in an instant, all evidence of my online existence disappeared. I immediately became an ex-blogger. It didn’t take me very long to miss my online community. Never write another post? Perhaps I’d been a bit too hasty. Both times, I brought my blogs back from the dead, and life went on until the next crisis. Yes, I’ve had other days when I’ve just wanted to roll up my blogs, reclaim my family and retreat from the world. But I haven’t hit the ‘delete’ button again. I have learnt that the panicky overwhelming times pass. Blogging excitement and enjoyment do return.

I’ve been thinking about these up and down cycles. Why do they happen? Are they a consequence of being an introverted blogger? 

Maybe it’s not immediately obvious I’m an introvert. When you read my posts or watch one of my videos or listen to a podcast, you might assume I am very outgoing. And I am outgoing to a certain extent. In ‘real’ life I do like to meet up with friends and talk, but usually in small groups, and in small doses, and for short periods of time. After socialising, I need to retreat home and recharge with lots of quiet time. And if I have the choice, normally I prefer not to go out in the first place. Staying home and being creative on my own is very attractive.

In some ways, blogging is an almost perfect situation for an introvert. I can write, and make videos and podcasts, and share on my own terms. I’m in control. I can close my computer and disappear when all the associated contact with people becomes too much. At least that’s how it works in theory.

The problem is I’m not very good at ignoring my online life when I need a break. If there’s lots going on, I stick around. I continue writing and publishing posts, answering comments and emails, visiting other blogs and commenting. And I end up feeling sick inside.

There comes a point when, if I read a post on someone else’s blog,  I just can’t make myself write a comment. I creep away without leaving any evidence I’ve visited. Does this sound strange? Does anyone know what I mean? Usually at this stage, I start to feel guilty about not joining in with the blogging community. It doesn’t take long before I’m declaring I no longer want to blog. I start questioning the value of what I‘m doing. Surely blogging isn’t that important? I’d rather be free of all the many online things that seem to reach out and entangle me. And so I begin to think about deleting my blogs and Facebook pages and retreating forever. But of course I don’t. I am still here.

So if you notice my Facebook page hasn’t been updated for a day or two, or if you haven’t seen me on your blog for a while, I’m still around. (I might even have crept through your blog and enjoyed your posts without saying a word.) I’m just taking some time out, being invisible, being quiet.

I’m going to take some time out to be quiet this weekend. Yes, it’s Friday already. It’s the end of another week.

I’d like to thank everyone who has read this week’s posts, commented on them and listened to my podcasts.

And a special thank you to Lucinda of Navigating By Joy, who mentioned my podcasts in her post, A week in the life of a British homeschooling family – Friday. I do appreciate the mention and the link. 

Please visit Lucinda’s blog to read her posts, including the spectacular science ones. I just know I would enjoy science if I lived with Lucinda. I imagine her enthusiasm is very contagious. 

So what are you going to do this weekend? Will you find some time to be quiet and recharge? I hope so!

The Angels of Abbey Creek

Image: If only I could plug myself into the electric outlet each evening, like this cat, in order to recharge! 

You can also find me on my Stories of an Unschooling Family Facebook page, unless of course, I’ve disappeared briefly for some quiet time! Please hop over to my page for all the extra blog stuff.

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  1. Reply

    Hi Sue,

    I hope you and yours are all well.

    I've come out of my hiding place to let you know I understand and can completely relate to what you are saying, especially this bit:

    "In 'real' life I do like to meet up with friends and talk, but usually in small groups, and in small doses, and for short periods of time. After socialising, I need to retreat home and recharge with lots of quiet time. And if I have the choice, normally I prefer not to go out in the first place. Staying home and being creative on my own is very attractive."

    I would be very sad to see you go but I would also understand if you do. I am guilty of being one of those who visit your blog (almost daily…I really do love your gentle perspective on homeschooling and life) and don't always leave a comment (and haven't done so in quite some time). I hope you don't find it selfish of me.

    Than you for sharing yourself an your family with the rest of us. I has really meant a lot to me.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Reply


      Sometimes I wonder if people who've commented in the past are still reading my blog. It' so lovely to find out you are still around! Of course it's not selfish when you don't stop and comment. I do that too sometimes. There's never enough time to read posts, let alone comment on them. But I'm glad you stopped by today. Your words mean a lot to me. Occasionally we all need a dose of encouragement. I'm not planning on leaving my blog, though I do think I need to make a few changes so my online life runs smoother. I'm thinking about the options… I hope you had a great weekend. I did. I read a book, went for coffee with my husband and didn't do much else, which was nice!

  2. Reply

    Oh Sue, I SO understand!! "In some ways, blogging is an almost perfect situation for an introvert." But it can be tough as well. I'm just glad your blogs are still here. If you don't post for awhile, we can all just go back into the archives!

    I use your "link within" a lot to find and enjoy posts I missed in your earlier days of blogging. They are still just as enjoyable and helpful.

    And that recharging cat is PRICELESS!

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your empathy! I often wonder how you keep up with your own blogs. You publish such good posts, complete with beautiful images without ever having a break.

      I'm glad to hear the link-within gadget is useful. I took it off for a day when I was decluttering my blog, and then put it back again! I imagine you get a lot of readers dipping into your archives too, especially on your Cloistered Heart blog. I do that, following one link after another! I also like your lists of post links for particular series.

      As you know, I love matching up animal photos to my posts. I'm glad you like this one!

    2. Reply

      Sue, I can blog more than many people simply because of my life situation….being "older," with my children raised. I could never have kept up this pace even ten years ago!

  3. Reply

    I can relate as I am an introvert and a blogger. I agree with you, too, that Lucinda's blog is fantastic.

    1. Reply


      It's so lovely to meet you! Maybe there's lots of introverted bloggers out there who deal with similar problems. I've probably crossed paths with you on Lucinda's blog, but now I will hop over and visit you on your own blog. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. Reply

    Like Cassie, I've come out of hiding to let you know I still read your blog because I love it and I can relate to you in SO many ways. We're both introverts, we've both experienced loss through miscarriages, our husbands are both teachers because they absolutely LOVE teaching (I loved that podcast with Andy btw!), our girls are creative writers (my girl is doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, which I discovered through your blog), I have an affinity for unschooling and try to make our own homeschool look as close to real life as I can. I've been wanting to sit down and write an email to you for weeks now about my thoughts on your posts about being an example to our children. Your blog really serves me Sue! Your blogs serve a needed purpose…how many Catholic unschooling voices are there in the blogging world? How many blogs that delve into infant loss that actually supports and encourages? Anyways, you're a beautiful woman Sue and sometimes I wish we were next door neighbors because I see a kindred spirit in you.

    But I TOTALLY get the whole introvert's disappearing act…I've made my blog private numerous times, which it still currently is. I've taken myself away from facebook and I've stopped following all blogs with the exception of yours and one quilting blog. There's pros and cons to both but my husband would tell you our family life is better when I focus on my flesh and blood relations. My blog didn't serve a greater purpose like yours does so it really wasn't worth the constant introvert's angst I had with it. Again, why oh why can't we be neighbors?! I'm sure there's an opening for a teacher at my husband's school. ;-). XO!

    P.S- if you ever need a break, make your blog private for awhile; please don't EVER delete it!

    1. Reply


      I was so excited to see your comment! I often think about you and I've been wondering how you are. I would love to hear from you if you ever have time to write an email. Actually, I probably owe you one. I'm sorry about that!

      Being an example… That thought has come to my mind a lot lately. I've mentioned it in all my podcasts, I think. I'm probably getting boring but it seems to me, that example is one of the most important aspects of unschooling. Everything seems to come back to it. This fits in so well with our Catholic view of life, and in fact any Christian view I think.

      I am so glad you feel my blog is useful. I often doubt my stories are helpful. Who wants to hear about my family all the time? An overload of Elvis family happenings and photos, and my own thoughts…. Well, that's what I think sometimes!

      I can totally understand your angst over your blogging, but this doesn't mean I don't miss your blog. I used to enjoy popping to to say hello and to devour all your beautiful photos. Did you notice I got a new camera? Most of the photos I now use are my own, though I do occasional use one I find using CC Search, like this one of the cat. I am really enjoying learning more about photography. I still have lots to learn but that's okay. I am enjoying the challenge!

      So many kind words in your comment…. I just don't know where to start. They all make me feel warm inside. If only I could pop in for a cup of coffee and we could have a real chat, and I could tell you how much I appreciate your friendship and kindness properly… Andy smiled when I mentioned a possible opening at your husband's school. It's so lovely to dream.

      When I wrote this post I never expected so many friends to stop by with such encouraging words about my blogging. Thank you! I really am so glad you wrote a comment. I hope we can swap a comment or email again some other time.

    2. Reply

      Sue…I think there are plenty of us who like to hear about your family all the time. And your great thoughts. The pictures are ALWAYS super cute. I don't even know know you guys..but I love you all.

      Of course that doesn't mean you OWE us any stories, etc. Share/reply at YOUR convenience. 😀 <3

    3. Reply


      Sometimes I wish we could all post photos of our families, here on my blog, instead of only me doing this. We're all sharing ideas and our unschooling. Everyone has something to add to the conversation. This isn't just about us. I really love it when readers post photos of their families and projects on my FB page!

      Your words are always so loving. Thank you!

  5. Hello Sue,

    I was enjoying this post very much and looking forward to commenting on it – you have a writer's talent for voicing my own feelings – and then I reached the end and saw your generous words about my blog. Thank you so much!

    I completely relate to what you say about being an introverted blogger. I find maintaining one blog ovewhelming enough. I've often wondered how you manage to write several excellent blogs, a FB page (now 2!), read and comment on other blogs, make podcasts AND be such a creative unschooling mum! When I wrote my recent "Week in my life" series of five posts and people kindly left comments I felt simultaneously delighted and swamped by the prospect of replying and reciprocating! (I'm still not "caught up", whatever that means.)

    For what it's worth, I NEVER expect you to reply to comments, comment on my blog, post on yours or update your facebook pages unless you feel truly inspired to do so. If you need feel like taking a day, a month or a year off, that's fine by me! I will smile and know that you are looking after your wellbeing.

    We are off to Spain tomorrow so I shall be neglecting the blogging world for a few days. And talking of looking after one's wellbeing, I have decided not to do NaNoWriMo this time as we are on holiday for 2 separate weeks in November. (I am committed to doing the next Camp NaNoWriMo though! I am excited about my idea.) Perhaps you will dedicate November to your next novel and we won't see you here until December!

    I liked how Carol who blogs at Learning with Boys recently posted a photo in lieu of writing a post. I might follow Carol's lead next time I need to recharge.

    1. Reply


      It might look like I accomplish a lot online. Yes, I have more than one blog and lots of FB pages and recently I've branched out into podcasting…. Really though, I just end up in a mess because I take on too much! I should be sensible and stick to one thing at a time. At least I have been concentrating on this blog recently, and ignoring my others which makes things easier. My heart seems to be here with unschooling at the moment. It fits in perfectly with what I'm thinking about and doing with my children.

      "For what it's worth, I NEVER expect you to reply to comments, comment on my blog, post on yours or update your facebook pages unless you feel truly inspired to do so." You are so kind writing these words!

      I am always delighted when I see comments, and it's a real pleasure answering them. I love chatting with everyone in the com-box. But yes, we can sometimes feel swamped by all that needs doing. 'Catching up' does take time. I'm answering these comments slowly so I can enjoy doing them! We're all in the same situation so I'm sure we can make allowances for each other and understand when each of us needs time out. Certainly all these beautiful comments make me feel everyone understands perfectly!

      And I understand about not doing NaNoWriMo this month. I'm not doing it either. That was the first sensible decision I've made in a long time! Instead I'm editing an old novel. Actually I'm editing the same novel I was editing a year ago. Perhaps this time I"ll make significant progress. I hope so!

      You will be in Spain right at this moment. I hope you are having a great time! Enjoy your holidays and come back refreshed.

      Thank you so much for your very kind and understanding comment!

  6. Reply

    Two thoughts:

    1) Oh, Sue… PLEASE DON'T EVER DISAPPEAR!!!! I would miss this too much. There may be many many blogs out there, but NONE like this…and NONE that is written by YOU!!!! I would be very sad.. I wish I had magical words to make you know just how much you have helped me..with homeschooling, parenting, life, and all the crazy thoughts in my head..

    2) I COMPLETELY know what you are saying. It's like you visited my head for a few minutes. I prefer to stay in. I prefer my alone and quiet time. I can be quite noisy and chatty when I want to or need to be. But it does leave me zapped and needing to recuperate.

    …okay, maybe one more thought:

    3) I have always been so amazed at how you seem to "do it all". You really do! I am a cripple stumbling along and there goes Sue Elvis, running past me, shouting out "Eat my dust!!" ;p hehe. I appreciate you sharing that you too have struggles and moments. It makes it more okay that I have mine. I have MANY!! heh.

    Put yourself and family first. We (your readers, watchers, listeners, and cheerleaders) will be here. If you take a long time to post or reply…or don't reply at all…we will be here. If you leave for a very long time for whatever reason…we will be here when you get back.

    I will pray for you, sweet Sue! Why not? May you feel love swirling around you and may your mind be clear to know what is best…for you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Reply


      I can't find the right words to adequately express how your words have made me feel. Surely I haven't really made such a difference just by writing my blog? Part of me doesn't believe this. Part of me is feeling so encouraged. Because of my blog, I have met so many beautiful people like you. I might write the stories, but it is you who is making the difference by spreading joy through your comments.

      Eat my dust? That's so funny! I do indeed have struggles and difficult moments. Lots of them! I have lots of enthusiasm which usually hides my struggles. Usually I don't want to admit I can't keep up, and I keep racing along. But not this week. I don't know why I wrote this post. I started writing about what I'd done with the girls this week, and found myself writing this post instead.

      Virginia Sue, thank you so much for you prayers and kind words. They are lifting me up. I feel so blessed. I don't think I could ever delete my blogs and disappear. What would I do without you? Sending you love and my thanks xxx

  7. Reply

    'I absolutely understand Sue and often feel as you do…plus a bit guilty that I visit friends' blogs and don't say hi. Def hear you on feeling like I want to disappear.
    From a blog writer's POV~ Every once in a while, I scroll thru my feedjit, if I notice that an old post, for ex, is popular and I wonder why/where people are clicking over….I can never really read those analytics and my traffic is pretty low, I think, but I do notice at times that friends' have visited my blog bc I recognize their city/state or country and yet I have not rec'd a com from them…..I think it's great that they feel they can stop over and click around and not feel compelled to comment! Really….they're comfortable enough to come by and not feel an obligation to leave a com…don't know if that makes sense…, from that perspective, don't feel you need to comment – you're welcome to click over and not say hi!!! LOL and I'm sure all your other blogger friends feel similarly.

    We'll be thinking of you and the family, Sue, this week, as Thomas's bday and anniversary arrive.
    Love you.

    1. Reply


      "I think it's great that they feel they can stop over and click around and not feel compelled to comment!" Oh yes! That is such a generous attitude. Chris, your comments always brighten my day but I hope you also feel able to read quietly without commenting. (To be honest I'd miss you if you NEVER said hello, but I don't expect a comment every time you pop over to my blog!)

      You remembered it's Thomas' birthday this weekend!!! Oh my! You are so thoughtful. Thank you. No doubt Sunday will be a little bit difficult and I do appreciate you thinking of us.

      Love to you too! xxx

  8. Reply

    Dear Sue

    I read nearly every one of your posts and they are so pleasant to read. I would like to listen to all your podcasts too, so many interessting themes, and I would comment each post, but my only probelm is I don't have time for it all. Or let me say so: if I would do all I wanted, read, watch and listen to all interressting things I would fail my family.

    Knowing, that I used to spend too much time on the internet, I need to be careful!! There we are: you see I have similar struggles. I had an fb account some years ago then deleted it. Currently I'm back on fb, but due to the fact that my internet is much more limited, I still can "afford" it. I also still have my blog and a couple of social sites (some automaticly updated). I am still online because this is the only way, how my Homeschool book can get spread (due early 2015).

    An other sad reason why I keep my blog and internet presence is that someone once defamed my husband and me online (back in 2011) and I came to the conclusion that defamation should not be the only thing in my (our) name online.

    I am never quite sure if it is good to post photos and real names of my family. I am also more the quiet type who is pleased to stay at home with no other people around me more than my family. Maybe it is also the size of family which keeps us busy (and sometimes exhausted) and leaves not much need for meeting "outsiders".

    You don't need to comment my comments (which are rather rare lately). Please take a break when you feel you need one! There is nothing more important than the people close to you. But once more: I love your posts and you have inspired me a lot.

    Thinking of you and sending my blessings to you

    1. Reply


      Yes, our families must always come first. I do agree! I do appreciate every comment you are able to write, but never feel you have to stop by and say hello. It is so kind of you to tell me you read most of my posts!

      I'm sorry to hear someone defamed you and your husband. Damaging someone's reputation is very serious, and must be hard to bear.

      I've been thinking about the place of the social media in our lives. I do enjoy the friendships and conversations I have on FB, but it can get overwhelming at times. FB however is a good way of spreading information. You mentioned your homeschool book. I'm quietly promoting my children's novel on FB (though I am not very good at self-promotion!) I hope your book is a great success and many people come to hear of it, and are inspired by your words.

      Thank you so much for your kindness, and for taking the time to write such a long comment. I appreciate it! God bless!

    • Hwee
    • November 1, 2014

    I often have the same feelings, Sue, so you're definitely not alone! My guess is that we each have to find our own level of balance, and to draw the line when it's needed. I often visit blogs and not leave comments unless I feel inspired to do so. Taking care of your own well being is important to keep going in the long run. I hope you have a good rest, and reclaim your own peace of mind. 🙂

    1. Reply


      It's good to talk about these things especially when many of us are dealing with the same issues. It's certainly good to know other people understand!

      Finding our balance… yes, if we want to continue blogging and enjoy it, we have to find that balance. I've been thinking about how I can achieve this. Deciding what is most important, and cutting back on what I'm doing… that will help, I'm sure!

      Thank you so much for your empathy!

  9. Reply

    How odd, I was just doing some online stuff and thought, I haven't read a post of Sue's in a few days and wondered if my email advice etc was playing up again, so popped on over and I read this about you taking a few days off. Good for you. Recharge your batteries; it's a great time of the year for it. Hugs xxx

    1. Reply


      Some weeks I've written a post nearly every day, and other weeks I've struggled to write even one or two posts. Last week was a lean post week! It was lovely of you to notice a lack of posts in your inbox.

      A great time of the year for recharging one's batteries… Yes! It is good to leave the computer and get outside into the beautiful spring sunshine. And I think it's natural to slow down as Christmas approaches. Advent will soon be here!

      Sending hugs back to you! xx

    • San
    • November 1, 2014

    I totally get it! And can often be found reading and not commenting straight away if things are too much at my end.

    For me the online world fills a void in real life, for disability and sickness marginalise you and prevent you from being part of the wider world. In cyber space I can work around the sickness and still make a valid contribution as and when necessary on my terms.

    Introverted bloggers unite! 🙂

    Hugs San xx

    1. Reply


      I agree the Internet fills a void. It connects us to the world when we can't go out, and also allows us to meet kindred spirits who understand our situation, and we can even contribute to help others. Yes, a valid contribution… We can share our experiences and hopefully they will help someone somewhere, while helping us as well. That's a good thought, isn't it? I remember feeling so isolated after Thomas died, not knowing anyone else who'd lost a baby. I know I would have received so much comfort from others via the Internet, if it had been available to us then. San, do you belong to any online disability and sickness support groups?

      Another introverted blogger! Hugs to you too! xx

      • San
      • November 6, 2014

      I used to be part of a green parent group and occasionally I have popped by on Rest Ministries, but to be honest too much online time leaves me frazzled. I start to feel heavily laden with other people's burdens, which when added to the load I carry is way too much.

      I haven't checked FB or my emails for over a week and it is strangely peaceful!

      Hugs to you xx

    2. Reply


      … feeling heavily laden with other people's burdens. Oh yes. This can be hard. I remember looking into grief counselling after Thomas died. To be accepted as a counsellor it was necessary to have moved through one's own grief to a point where we can accept other people's burdens. It makes sense. We have to look after ourselves first.

      I don't know if I have the will power to ignore FB or my emails for a whole week. What if I just end up with a week's worth of correspondence to deal with all at once?Then again, half of what I write isn't really all that important. I do like the sound of a peaceful week!

    3. Reply


      … feeling heavily laden with other people's burdens. Oh yes. I remember when I looked into becoming a grief counsellor after Thomas died. The guidelines said a prospective counsellor had to have moved through her own grief to a certain point before she'd be accepted on the course. This makes a lot of sense. We can't deal with other people's grief when we are still trying to deal with our own. I guess we have to look after ourselves first, before we try to reach out to others.

      A whole week without looking at FB and emails…. That does sound peaceful! I hope you don't end up with lots of correspondence to deal with when you decide to look at your in-boxes!

      Hugs to you too. xx

    4. Reply


      Ha ha! Two replies. I thought I'd lost the first one! I wonder which one is the better answer. Isn't it frustrating when a comment appears to disappear and then you have to try and remember what you said? xx

  10. Reply

    Once again I want to cite Screwtape letters, where Screwtape admonishes Wormwood – the tempter he's tutoring – to keep his human in the dark concerning the law of undulations. You are (as I am my self) cleary a vidtim to this force.

    1. Reply

      … and my blog is subject to it as well, both in my own attention to it, and in its willingness to update the blog roll – e.g.. your post showed up this morning.

    2. Reply


      Isn't undulation such a great word? I've been rolling my tongue around it. It's much better than 'up and down'! Yes, it seems we all have to learn how to deal with the law of undulations. I really must hunt out our copy of Screwtape Letters. It is full of wisdom!

      I've also noticed how slow the blog feeds are when updating. My girls blogs update almost immediately. Mine takes a very long time. I'm not sure why that is. Oh well, at least the comments post straight-away!

      Thank you for brightening my day!

  11. Reply

    Oh I am so thankful to read your wonderful insights today. Please don't stop sharing your beautiful blog with us. I can relate, too, how our lives become full with so much and we have to step back from cyber universe to ground ourselves, to recharge to live fully. I do believe it is the kindnesses of bloggers to understand our absences for whatever reasons. I have only had time to read my favorite posters (you being one) in sporadic ways this past year with so much going on in my life. But they are life boats on the fringes of our living; beautiful oasis of nurturing and inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and sacrifice to share a part of God's glory as it unfolds in your experiences. This balancing act can be so very tricky at times….God Bless and it is good to connect with you after a long while.

    1. Reply


      It is so lovely to see a comment from you! You words are very helpful. I noticed you had an absence from the Internet fairly recently. So much going on in life… I hope all is well with you and your family.

      "But they are life boats on the fringes of our living; beautiful oasis of nurturing and inspiration." Only a poet like you could have written those words. You have written me a mini-poem within a comment! I shall copy those words out, so I remember them.

      Reading your comment, I know you understand. You have encouraged me to keep trying to find a way to find that necessary balance.

      Receiving so many comments full of love and thanks makes me feel so unworthy. I really am so very blessed.

      And now it's my turn to thank you for your own 'beautiful oasis of nurturing and inspiration'. Please keep sharing your beautiful poetry whenever you are able. Although I haven't commented either lately I do enjoy them very much. Your blog is unique. You have something very special to share with us.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, it is so good to connect! God bless you!

  12. Reply

    Hello. This is the first time I've visited your blog, and I am so glad to see this post straight up! I can completely relate. So, I'll be around, reading more of your posts, but I might not comment 😉 Thanks for honestly sharing.

    1. Reply


      I am so glad you found my blog and stopped by! I do hope you will feel welcome to read but not necessarily comment. That's quite okay! Thank you so much for your comment.

  13. Reply

    Sometimes a blog can become so personal that in writing we are giving away little parts of ourselves. In resting we are building ourselves up again. You have been doing some fabulous pod casts which no doubt are personal glimpses into your life. I'm not sure about you, but I find the more personal it is the more it takes out of me.
    Please know that we (all my girls and me) really appreciate your candidness about sharing your life. One day I will take the final step to unschooling and it will be in no small part because of the snips of your lovely life you share.
    Rest well friendx

    1. Reply


      Your comment has given me much to think about. Yes, I do think that the feeling of wanting to roll up my blogs and take back my family has a lot to do with the pressures of sharing in a very personal way. Sometimes it becomes too much and I do need to step back and build myself up again. Your words have really helped me to sort this out! Thank you!

      Thank you also for listening to my podcasts. I think that we have to try and be open and honest if we are to share in any helpful way. It's good to know it's okay to do this.

      Unschooling is such a great way of life, but there are different places in the unschooling spectrum, equally valid depending on our families. Perhaps one place is perfect for this moment and another more suitable for another. I don't think any of us ever stand totally still while unschooling. There's so much to learn and enjoy. It's a wonderful adventure. I wonder where we will end up next!

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment which has helped me so much.

  14. Reply

    Enjoy your well earned break! Please don't feel like you need to comment on my blog- it's nice when you do, but I'd rather have you not stressed! 🙂

    When my life gets crazy (more than usually crazy!) I don't have the time and energy to read, let alone comment. But I always enjoy catching up when I can get back to it.

    1. Reply


      I enjoy commenting on your blog! Yes, sometimes I get stressed out but that feeling passes and then I am eager to come and find out what you have been doing, and exchange a few words. Yes, life does get crazy! I hope you get some quiet time too, so you can settle down and enjoy your new computer! Touch screen? Wow! I think I've only ever seen one of those before. (My computer is several years old.)

      It's lovely, as always, to chat with you!

  15. Reply

    Sue, you've describe me to a tee. I also deleted a blog, but brought it back to life. It's now a big part of the archives of my current blog. I do two blogs. One is about my town, which I've been doing daily but only I know that I am. I think of that as my "working" blog. I may drop out from the Ladder, but I won't with my "working" one. It's a silly trick to keep my writing brain a bit flexible.

    1. Reply


      I decided that it's better to import a blog into another one, or make it private rather than delete it completely. It's just as well there is a short period of time when we can bring a deleted blog back to life. Sometimes we change our minds!

      I hope you won't drop out from your Ladder blog. I do enjoy your stories very much.

      "One is about my town, which I've been doing daily but only I know that I am." Does that mean your blog is anonymous (no one in your town knows it is you who is writing) or is it private?

      I sometimes get overwhelmed by having more than one blog, but it's good for variety. Sometimes I feel like writing here. Other times I feel more creative and want to share on my other main blog. Good to have a choice!

    2. Reply


      I am always surprised when anyone local tells me they've read my blog. How did they find out my secret identity? I wonder about that!

      Your Hollister blog is very interesting. I love looking at photos of different places especially when they are accompanied by a little info, like on your blog. I sometimes take photos of our local area but I don't mention street or town names like you do. We live in a small place and I think I want to keep our location quiet. Local people would recognise some of the places in my photos (if they stumbled over my blog). One reader did that just the other day!

    3. Reply

      Take 25 to Hollister — is the blog I write about my area. I write under Su-sieee! Mac as well. Few people know who I am. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I mention that I write this blog to someone I'm meeting and she/he knows about it.

  16. Reply

    Wow! I LOVE this post!!! After 2 full years of blogging out my little heart, I "deleted" all but 5 of my post. I thought I needed to "start fresh" but now that they are all gone I wish I hadn't done that. Thank you for reminding me to push back when necessary from the online world. Hope to hear many more post from you and I've just subscribed! 🙂

    1. Reply


      Oh no! I'm sorry you lost all your posts. How easy it is to press 'delete' but I think when we do, we lose a little piece of ourselves. Better to make our blogs private, just for our own eyes, perhaps. Or just revert posts to draft form, and carry on writing new posts on our blogs. I've done that!

      Thank you so much for subscribing. I look forward to chatting another time!

    2. Reply


      I saw a post in my FB feed about recovering deleted posts. A friend shared this link:

      Perhaps you will be able to recover some of your deleted posts. I might remember this just in case I delete something my mistake!

  17. Reply

    Oh my gosh! So far I've recovered all except one of my previous post! You are heaven sent!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

    1. Reply


      I hope you see this comment. I tried to visit your blog to wish you 'Happy Christmas' but it has gone. We've talked about the ups and downs of blogging before. It's not always easy, is it? I hope you're okay. If you need a friend who understands about the difficulties of blogging, please feel welcome to drop by and say hello. I hope you are having a very special Christmas with your family. Happy Christmas!

    2. Reply

      Sue Elvis,
      So many seasons have passed since our last conversation! Unschooling and blogging are still apart of my daily reality! I hope you would join me during these new seasons in life! 🙂

    3. Reply


      I am so pleased to hear from you! I tried finding your blog a few times. A new season? Oh yes, we need to change season sometimes. I will be happy to join you! Thank you so much for stopping by to let me know you are blogging again.

  18. Reply


    I am so pleased it worked. It was my friend Chris who posted the link. I'm so glad I thought to pass it on to you. Thank you for letting me know you got most of your posts back!

    • Karen
    • November 13, 2016

    I know this is an old post but I wanted to comment anyway. 🙂 I am an introvert. And therefore, I guess I’m an introverted blogger. LOL I can relate to the whole introverted blogging thing you described. I often wonder if there’s any point to my blogging as well. And I’ve done the whole deleting of the blog thing too! In fact, I went through and re-did my blog not too long ago, deleting many, many posts. And I have been a very sporadic blogger for probably this whole past year. There’s been a lot going on this year and I find that when I have a lot going on, I tend to not feel like I can write much on my blog. Funny, huh? But I’ll have spurts where I’ll think of several things to blog about and then end up not writing. I started jotting my blog post ideas down in a notebook so that if I don’t write about them right then, I still have the idea written down in case I do want to write about it at some point. 🙂
    Anyway, just wanted to say I can relate. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

      • Sue Elvis
      • November 15, 2016

      Hi Karen,

      I’m glad you stopped by. I love finding comments on old posts and continuing the conversation. It’s good to connect with another introvert who understands the problems of blogging!

      I also keep a blog post ideas book. To be honest, I keep dozens of notebooks and use whichever one is at hand. This means I can’t always find the right ‘brilliant’ idea when I do decide it’s time to write a post. I need to become better organised. Perhaps I should jot down the main points of what I want to say straight into a draft post. I could make a list of subheadings and then return later to fill in everything properly. This might give me time to mull everything over before I begin writing properly. And I’m more likely to actually use the post idea!

      I like your blog! Books, coffee and lots of chocolate sound perfect to me. I hope you’ll feel inspired to keep blogging. Even though at times we feel like giving up and deleting our blogs, we don’t always know who is reading and how our words are affecting other people. So keep blogging!

      It’s been wonderful chatting with you. I hope we can connect again another day!

        • Karen
        • November 15, 2016

        I chuckled when you mentioned about having dozens of notebooks and you use whatever one is at hand. I can so relate! LOL I love notebooks and often have several of them lying about that I’m writing in… plus a nice stack of brand new ones back on the bookshelf in the office. 🙂

        Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I haven’t posted very regularly this year. I used to blog more about homeschooling but I haven’t done a homeschooling post in quite awhile.

        Anyway, I love your blog and read it regularly….even if I don’t always comment. 🙂 Oh, and I wanted to mention that I love your new blog look!

        Hope you have a wonderful week!

        1. Reply


          I’m so pleased you like my new look blog. Thank you for reading my posts!

          I hope you’re having a great week too!

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