Those Weird Unschoolers

Have you ever told someone you homeschool and they look at you as if you’re a bit strange? What if you say you unschool? Do they think you’re rather weird? 

I really see no reason for that reaction. My family is perfectly normal. See for yourself:

Just a perfectly normal unschooling family.
Oops! Have I broken the rules? What did I tell Callum in my post Life is a Blog Post?
6.       Never post embarrassing photos of anyone.
Before I hit ‘publish’, I’d better go and show this post to everyone…
…It’s OK. No one minds. In fact everyone is very happy to be in my blog post. Look… can’t you see their happy smiles?


A very happy normal unschooling family!

If you’d like to make your family into aliens or monsters or elves or… just give them enormous grins, visit the photo editing website KIZOA. It’s free!
What’s that you say? You think my photo is an improvement?

A big thank you to Andy, Duncan, Callum, Imogen, Charlotte, Sophie and Gemma-Rose. You certainly know how to laugh at yourselves!
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