Those Weird Unschoolers

I think it’s time for a bit of fun. My last posts were rather serious. We could all do with a big laugh. I’m reposting this story but it’s not quite the same as before. I’ve updated all the photos. I hope you don’t fall off your chair with shock when you see them!

Have you ever told someone you homeschool and they look at you as if you’re a bit strange? What if you say you unschool? Do they think you’re rather weird? 

I really see no reason for that reaction. My family is perfectly normal. See for yourself:

Just a perfectly normal unschooling family.

Oops! Have I broken the rules? What did I tell Callum in my post Life is a Blog Post?
6.       Never post embarrassing photos of anyone.
Before I hit ‘publish’, I’d better go and show this post to everyone…
…It’s OK. No one minds. In fact everyone is very happy to be in my blog post. Look… can’t you see their happy smiles?

A very happy normal unschooling family!

If you’d like to make your family into aliens or monsters or elves or… just give them enormous grins, visit the photo editing website KIZOA. It’s free!

What’s that you say? You think my photo is an improvement?
A big thank you to Andy, Duncan, Callum, Imogen, Charlotte, Sophie and Gemma-Rose. We have some great laughs together, don’t we?

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  1. Reply


    We're a handsome lot, aren't we? Those mouths are certainly made for laughing!

  2. Reply

    Oh my, that gave us all a good laugh! Hilarious 😀

  3. Reply

    Sue, you are such a blessing.

    This comes from a woman who when she was a young girl, made goofy faces ~ all the time. Of course back then I was told that if I kept it up, my face would freeze that way!

    Have a blessed week and thank you once again for sharing your story about mental illness. I am so very grateful to you and Felicity. God blessed me with you both in His perfect timing.

    1. Reply


      Goofy faces are a lot of fun! I'm so glad God gave us a sense of humour. It really does help us get through the difficult times of life. There are times for crying with each other and times when we need to smile. I'm glad you laughed and didn't faint from shock!

      It was good sharing the mental illness conversation with you. Perfect timing for us too. I really didn't anticipate my posts going in that direction. I'm glad they did.

      God bless you!

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    Seeing those SMILES (tee hee) I realize I'm smiling right back as I write this! One just has to….

    Also, it's a good thing you can put all your blog awards on your sidebars instead of shelves in your house.. lest you'd have to sell all your books!!!

    So here's another. I'm sending it to this blog because you JUST ACCEPTED IT on Sue Elvis Writes! But I HAD to honor (again) your wonderful stories. You can read about it here;

    God bless!

    1. Reply


      I keep looking at these photos and smiling too. They are really silly!

      Thank you for passing on the awards to my blog. I feel very honoured. I'm beginning to feel like the queen again. Might be time to go and change into that yellow suit again!

      Awards in side-bars? Your own blog side-bars must be overflowing!

      God bless!

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    My, your family looks quite a bit like mine! 🙂

    1. Reply


      It's good to know there are other weird people around like us. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Reply

    Ha! Ha! These pictures are so funny!

    1. Reply


      I used a very clever editing tool. Thank you for sharing my silly pictures!

  7. Reply

    I don't get it … is there something different? :p

    I am not showing this link to my kids as I know what they'll be doing for the rest of the week! You lot are too funny Sue!

    1. Reply


      You mean to say I always look that beautiful?

      Go on! Go on! Show your girls. I'd love to see some weird photos of your family on your blog… with pink hair too!

    • Mary
    • January 20, 2014

    I just had to try this out! Here the link to what I ended up with:

    1. Reply


      I might turn our family into elves one day! The editing tool is fun, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Reply

    Too funny! Thanks for the (really BIG) smile! I think we'll try it out.

    1. Reply


      The smiles are BIG, aren't they? Will you be posting your edited photos? I hope so!

    • Amy
    • January 22, 2014

    Oh, I'm GLAD you posted that again!!!! I am going to try and do the same. Edit-turn-into-living-manga. Yeah!

    1. Reply


      I'm glad you enjoyed my re-post. The earlier version is still in the archive. I'll be able to look back and see how my weird alien family has grown! Will you be brave enough to post your photos on FB???

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