Tomie de Paola's Saints Books

This morning I visited my friend Elisa’s blog, Elisa Loves and read her post A Few of Our Favourite Books for Children 0-6. I saw the name Tomie de Paola on Elisa’s list, and I smiled. He is one of our family’s favourite picture book authors and illustrators.

Tomie de Paola’s books are so delightful. Even though my girls are older than 6, they all love his books. So do I! The artwork is exquisite and the stories well written.
Today I wanted to share Tomie de Paola’s saints books with you. We have a number of these which we love to read together. We also like to turn the pages slowly and look carefully at the illustrations. 
Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland from Amazon, or The Book Depository or Fishpond (only $8.46!)
The Holy Twins, Benedict and Scholastica from Amazon
Mary, the Mother of Jesus, new from Amazon but expensive. There are second-hand copies listed
Francis, the Poor Man of Assisi, from Amazon
The Lady of Guadalupe, from Amazon but both new and second-hand copies are expensive
Christopher the Holy Giant, from Amazon

Some of Tomie de Paola’s books seem to be unavailable at the moment but you might find copies in your library or you might be able to buy them second-hand. They are certainly worth hunting down!

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    Thanks to you, we have a couple of Tomie de Paola's books and the younger children love them:-) They're beautiful books and great stories.

    Thank you for sharing these titles – I hadn't heard of them all. Have you ever bought books on EBay? Sometimes, I look there for out-of-print books.

    God less, Sue:-)

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      I'm glad you like your de Paola books. I wonder if they are Christmas ones. I probably got excited about the books and had to share them with you!

      When I bought these saints books they were freely available. Maybe they will soon be back in print. I'm sure there must be a market for them.

      I often buy things from ebay including books. I managed to get some missing Chalet School books for the girls from a private seller on ebay. That might be an excellent place to start looking for these books! If you see any copies, buy them!

      God bless.

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      Eek! I just saw my comment! I meant God bless not God less! I think I should start proof reading what I write if I want to be seen as a serious blogger;-)

      I haven't heard of the Chalet School books. I'll have to look them up.

      God bless:-)

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      Doesn't one letter make such a difference! I've made the same mistake before. It's so easy to do. I knew what you meant.

      The Chalet School books are a girls' series, very popular. We had some as children. I think my girls probably have a few of our girlhood copies. There are about 60 books in the series. There was more than one author but the main one was Elinor Brent-Dyer. Other authors came along and added to her series.

      Isn't it funny how homeschooled children like school stories? As long as the schools remain in books and don't become a reality, they seem to be very interesting.

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