Unschooling: What about Socialisation?


Yesterday, I wrote a post about unschooling and socialisation. I published it. There it was online for the world to read. And then it wasn’t. I changed my mind and reverted the post to draft.

Why would I do that? In the post, I was talking about our socialisation experiences and later, I thought, “What if someone reads my post and thinks I’m referring to them?” I probably wasn’t, but that doesn’t stop people wondering… And I hate the thought of hurting people’s feelings. It seemed safer to remove the post.

But socialisation is an interesting topic. It’s something worth discussing. That’s why I moved the post to the Not So Proper Unschoolers Facebook group. Maybe some things should be talked about in private where there’s no chance of unintentionally upsetting people.

You might already have read my post if you subscribe to this blog by email. But if you haven’t but would like to ponder unschooling and socialisation, please join us on Facebook. You can be a proper or not so proper unschooler to join our group. It doesn’t really matter!

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    I did read it and was going to comment, but then it was gone. I was going to say how wonderfully brilliant it was. I loved it.

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      Thank you! I'm glad my post was okay. And I'm glad you stopped by. I often think of you in connection with the words, 'All for one and one for all'. I love the sibling quotes in your blog's sidebar. I actually mentioned your sidebar in a podcast, but unfortunately I omitted to name your blog. Podcasting is like that. Episodes are never perfect because I always forget something! Anyway, those quotes are refreshing. Strong sibling relationships are possible!

      Good to chat!

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