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We recently stumbled across a website with a number of number videos!
Numberphile is a site that contains ‘videos about numbers and stuff’. There is a whole page of intriguing and interesting looking icons to click onto, linked to mathematical videos. Charlotte (14) has been clicking away and enjoying finding out more about numbers. I’ve watched a few of the videos myself and yes, they are good (at least the ones I have watched are!)
I clicked on the sunflower icon and found out more about Fibbonacci numbers in nature. Do you know why four-leaved clovers are rare? Or why the seeds are arranged in curved spirals in the head of a sunflower? Do you ever ponder things like this? If these kinds of things interest you or your children, visit Numberphile and watch Sunflowers and Fibonacci and the other videos.
I like resources like Numberphile because they bring maths alive. The videos are presented by people who have a passion for their subject and that passion can be catching. I like how Charlotte comes along after watching a video, her eyes lit up, and says, “Hey Mum! Did you know…?”
That ‘Don’t Panic!’ icon has just caught my eye. That sounds an intriguing title. I might post this and go back and find out more!
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    Wow! You're finding some really interesting stuff! Thank you for sharing the link, Sue – this one looks interesting:-)

    God bless:-)

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      These videos have been filmed so you feel like you are there, part of the action. They are great to watch. I hope you find them as interesting as we do.

      God bless.

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