What if You Disagree With My Unschooling Ideas?

My Unschooling Book Series (28)

What happens if I publish my unschooling book and then I receive negative comments? What if you disagree with my ideas? If you do, I could conclude:

What works for my family might not suit yours

Every family is different. We’re all aiming to meet the needs of each of our children. We’re not necessarily trying to discover the one and only unschooling way of doing things.

What I have written might not be wrong

Ideas sometimes need pondering. With time, we often change our minds and accept ideas we previously felt uncomfortable with. Maybe whenever we do hear something we disagree with, we need to keep an open mind. Think about things and not dismiss them straightaway.

I could be wrong

But what if you ponder and then conclude that I’m wrong? I can accept that. But I do hope you won’t just dismiss my book and say, “That was a waste of time and money!” Instead, maybe we can discuss the ideas and learn from each other. Go deeper. I want my book to open up an unschooling conversation.

So the next question is this: Can I write my book in such a way that you won’t toss it aside if you come across something that you disagree with? Can I find the right words that will encourage you to ponder and discuss and if necessary, agree to disagree in a friendly and accepting way? I don’t know, but that’s what I’m aiming for!

This is my 30th blog post in 30 days. Yes, I completed my unschooling book challenge! It hasn’t been easy writing every single day for a month. There were times when I was extremely tired or very busy with other things and I was tempted to give up. But I didn’t. I’m glad I persevered. I’ve made good progress with my book!

So what’s ahead? Am I now going to disappear? Well, I might do for a few days but this is what I’m thinking: I still have lots to say. Even after blogging for a whole month, I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of my unschooling book. There’s a lot more I could share. I’m going to continue writing and editing and maybe I can still post bits and pieces of my manuscript or some of my raw thoughts here on my blog. I won’t be publishing new posts every day. Just occasionally. How does that sound? Will you keep reading? Will you keep sharing your thoughts in the comments? I hope so because I’m finding everyone’s input very helpful. You’re giving me extra things to think about.

I’d like to thank everyone who is helping me. I do appreciate you stopping by and sharing your experiences. I know I’ve got behind with answering comments, but I hope to catch up now that I won’t be posting every day.

And just in case you’re wondering… I’ve published 30 blog posts during November so why is this only my 28th unschooling book post? During November, I obviously wrote two posts that weren’t about my book! I posted a story in memory of my son Thomas on 9th November. And on a different day, I wrote a post about being tired which turned out to be an unschooling one but not really about my book!

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  1. Reply

    Writ that book already! And if you only write things everybody agrees with, the book will consist of either only blank pages or inane nonsense. Of course we’re different. Everybody’s different. That’s what makes the exchange of ideas such a good idea.
    Even though I’m mostly ranting for the time being, I hope to return to writing more positive and read-worthy blog posts before long. I hope you’ll continue writig on your book and sharing tidbits with us in the process.

    1. Reply


      Yes, we have to write what we believe. We’ll never please everyone and trying to do that will only result in inane nonsense as you said! I hope I can write everything in such a way that everyone will read to the end, regardless of whether they agree with me, so that we can get to the stage of exchanging ideas.

      Thank you for all your comments. They have been very helpful. I shall keep writing!

  2. Reply

    I love your writing style and your outlook so I feel confident I will like your book! So excited! Congrats on finishing the challenge!

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Venisa. Your words are very encouraging!

  3. Reply

    I think there will always be someone out there who will disagree with valid points, no matter what. Whether it’s because they feel convicted that it won’t work for them, or they have some other reason, you can very nearly bet on them. However, the value of what you have to write will be loved by more, I’m sure. I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you, because I have books of my own left unwritten, and for the same reasons 🙂 Personally, I look forward to seeing this book! Be blessed today!

    1. Reply

      Stacey Lynn,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and encouraging words. Writing books is such a complicated matter, isn’t it? Even when we feel sure we have something worth saying we can get sidetracked, wondering how others will receive our efforts. Sometimes it seems safer not to write anything. I’d love to hear more about your unwritten books. What are you passionate about? What would you like to share? I wonder if you’ve made a start on any of them. Perhaps I can also encourage you to keep working on your books.

      I’ve enjoyed chatting with you while I’ve been posting my book series. Thank you so much for all your comments!

      1. Reply

        It is truly a joy to read along side you on your journey. I’ve also subscribed to Imogen’s YouTube channel…she is just so precious!

        Yes, writing is certainly a “mixed bag” if you will! I really want to write on things I feel God has shown me throughout the Scripture! At first, it came to me to write in a Bible study format. Of course, I don’t feel qualified to “teach” so to speak, so I’m thinking of maybe a devotional type book. And maybe just at 31 days. Starting small 🙂 Maybe that will be easier? I may look and see if I have anything that is presentable in the near future and maybe have a test go at it. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Be blessed!!

        1. Reply

          Stacey Lynn,

          Your words make us smile. Thank you for following along with me and my family. Imogen appreciates your interest in her channel very much!

          Oh yes, have a go at a devotional book. It sounds like you feel excited about what God is showing you through scripture. That’s the best reason for sharing.

          “Of course, I don’t feel qualified to “teach” so to speak..” That’s how I feel about my unschooling book. Why should I think I have something worth saying? Why should people buy my book? But something or Someone is pushing me to ignore that feeling and write anyway. Just sharing our thoughts, ideas and experiences is valuable whether everyone agrees with us or not.

          Will you self-publish your book? Have you already published any books? More questions. I’m sorry!

          May God bless you!

          1. Reply

            No apologies necessary! 🙂 I can definitely see you point…the fact that YOU have had YOUR experiences gives you the authority to say whatever you need to say, because you’ve walked it out yourself. I guess, what God is showing me, and the way that the Word has helped me through so much, gives me the ability to say, “It works!” Very nice, and so true!

            Yes, I figured self publishing would be better than attempting to find someone who would think my book would be good enough, lol. I actually have already published a small booklet, but it was a flop. Lol. Which is fine. I didn’t write it to make any money and since publishing it, have felt led to pick it back up and add a great deal to it. Funny how, after looking back on something, we can amend it so! 🙂

            Here is a link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071GF9TSD

            1. Reply


              Thank you for your book link. I’m very sorry to hear that your nephew died because of a brain tumour. Such sorrow. When things like this happen, we question our beliefs, don’t we?

              “I doubted my ability not only to believe, but to even pray for anyone ever again. ” Oh yes, this is how I felt after my son died. One of my daughters, upon witnessing my grief, asked me why I was crying. Surely I should be happy because Thomas was now in heaven with God. Isn’t that where we all want to be? And I wondered if heaven and God were just stories made up to make us feel better when life goes wrong. Of course, I do still believe. In fact, my faith became stronger as I worked my way through the suffering. God was teaching me so much as I struggled to survive the pain.

              Like you, I came out the other side with a message I wanted to share with others. My book isn’t on Amazon though I am thinking about rewriting it and then publishing it again.

              “Funny how, after looking back on something, we can amend it so!” Yes, indeed! I have lots to add to my original book and I think I could word the stories better. It can be so frustrating looking back at our past work, can’t it? That feeling of satisfaction doesn’t last long. Soon I’m no longer happy with what I’ve written. And then I don’t want to promote my work because I imagine everyone criticising it. I’m sure the errors (which I didn’t notice before) are very obvious. I want to go back and do more editing and rewriting… I guess we could keep doing that forever because, of course, we keep learning and improving. I suppose that’s good!

              We could describe our books as flops, but I’m sure they aren’t. Like you, I haven’t earnt much money from my books but that doesn’t matter. I didn’t set out to make money. Rather, I had a message to share. I know my books have helped or entertained at least a few people. That’s all that matters. (And I’ve learnt a lot while writing them!) Perhaps we just have to be brave and use our talents and do what we feel God wants and not worry too much about the outcome.

              I look forward to hearing more about the progress of your books!

    • Anonymous
    • December 1, 2017

    Way to go, Sue! I’m so happy you chose to persevere. I have read each of the 30 blog posts and found something I appreciated in each one. I will definitely be purchasing your book when it is completed. Even if I come across topics that are difficult for me, I know I can rest in the fact that your book will be written out of love.

    1. Reply

      “…your book will be written out of love.” Oh yes! I do hope the unschooling message will be wrapped up in love. I’m so glad you understand.

      Thank you so much for reading all my posts and for your interest in my book!

    • TL
    • December 1, 2017

    I think people that are looking to learn will read with an open mind. You are sharing what has worked for you and your family and that’s what matters. Each reader will take away something. I don’t think there is one way of homeschooling that is an ideal and will work for everyone and homeschooling has a way of evolving within each family. By sharing ideas we help each other and that’s what counts. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

    1. Reply


      “I think people that are looking to learn will read with an open mind.” That’s a good point. There are homeschoolers who have already found the way that works for them. But maybe those who are still searching will be interested in reading my book. Yes, we can help each other by sharing ideas.

      Thank you for your congratulations! And thank you for reading my posts!

  4. Reply

    Thanks so much for the daily blog posts! They were a pleasure to read! With something as ‘radical’ as unschooling, (even though I don’t think it’s radical), I’m sure some will disagree with some of what anyone writes on the subject, but if it gets them to talk about your book, and someone else to read it, all the better! (I was recently ‘yelled’ at online for retitling nanny as Director of Tactical Operation. So you know, everyone will have something against something I suppose 😉 Thanks again for this blog, and all the very nice posts and insights into unschooling!

    1. Reply


      Maybe the word radical gives people the wrong idea and puts them off unschooling. I like to think of radical in terms of love. Are we prepared to love in a radical way? Perhaps that’s the basis of unschooling. I know you understand. It’s just a pity not everyone else does!

      I’m sure I’ll cope with any negative comments even though I’d prefer positive ones. Yes, everyone has something against something. I agree!

      I appreciate all your encouraging comments. I always enjoy chatting with you and swapping thoughts and ideas. Thank you for your kind words!

  5. Reply

    One of my favorite books is “an Unschooling Manifesto”. While I consider myself more of a relaxed/minimalist homeschooler for many reasons which I talk about on my blog, I LOVE reading stories from unschooling families. It reminds me to step off the conveyor belt, and helps me swing back into balance when I think what we’re doing is crazy town. I read as many unschooling books as possible – there can’t be too many! 🙂 Write it.

    1. Reply


      I haven’t read An Unschooling Manifesto. I just googled it. It sounds like a very interesting read. I shall have to buy a copy. I love reading other people’s unschooling stories too. I love how the unschooling message is being spread by people writing about their experiences. I shall continue writing my book. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

    • Nancy
    • December 3, 2017

    Its so funny Sue, that you would have a blog post about addressing the idea of if somebody disagrees with your ideas or methods about unschooling. I used to be so concerned about that personally. I always felt like I had to get everybody’s approval everybody’s opinion whether they agreed with me or not. It wasn’t that I couldn’t function without it but I think I was too much of a people pleaser. Over the years and through many experiences I found that my decisions won’t always be decisions that other people will agree with but they are what’s best for my family and my situation and my children. So I appreciate your honesty with your blog posts and that you’re not afraid to talk about things that need to be addressed with unschooling. Way to go Sue!

    1. Reply


      Yes, it would be nice to please everyone, but we have to do what’s best for our families regardless of whether other people approve or not. It can take courage to go our own way, but we have to put our kids first, don’t we? It took me a long time to get to this stage. Unschooling has been so good for me. I’ve learnt not to worry about other people’s opinions. However, I still don’t like upsetting people. Perhaps there’s an art to doing what we feel is best and, at the same time, not getting everyone offside. I shall have to work on that!

      It’s always such a pleasure chatting with you, Nancy. Thank you for your support!

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