What is it Like to Be an Unschooling Parent?

Ten Minutes on Thursday

I have to admit I failed: Five Minutes on Friday has turned into Ten Minutes on Thursday. I just couldn’t say all I wanted about this week’s topic, in only 5 minutes. Well, maybe I could have, if I’d been organised and used a script. But I chose to chat off the top of my head, as usual, with only a few scribbled notes for guidance.

Making a video is so different from writing. When I write a story, I first write a draft. Then I spend time reorganising those words to make sure the post says exactly what I want it to say. I change whole sentences, eliminate others, and reorganise the structure of the post. Even after I hit ‘publish’ I sometimes go back and change a word here or there until I’m satisfied.

But when I’m chatting on video, I only get one chance to say what I want… unless I stop the camera and do another take. And even when I try again, I usually end up fixing one thing and messing up another. At some point I have to give up and use the clips I have. Often when I’m watching my video later, I know I haven’t said things very well. I’ve used the wrong words or repeated myself. Often it’s too late to do anything about that.

So what do I prefer: written posts or videos? I suppose I’m better at writing, but video making is exciting. I feel like I’m actually talking to someone, having a conversation. (Except in a real conversation, I could backtrack and change my words as my thoughts come together.) Making videos is certainly a new challenge.

So will you watch my latest offering? I hope so!

Here is this week’s video…What is it Like to Be an Unschooling Parent? (from my point of view, of course!)

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    • San
    • June 5, 2014

    Thanks for sharing. I listened and knitted! You did a great job of highlighting all the benefits of home schooling and the responsibilities too.

    San x

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      That was clever: knitting and listening at the same time. Very productive! Thank you so much for watching!

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    Love the picture! Oh my gosh…how wonderful!

    I will def come back a t some point over the weekend and watch when I can relax and enjoy! I had to say how great this post is though!
    See you soon!


    1. Reply


      Andy snapped this photo on Mother's Day. It's one of those rare good ones!

      Thank you so much for clicking over to say hello. I hope you enjoy the video when you get time to watch it.

      Enjoy the weekend!

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    For starters, I LOVE that photo of you and your son. Does it get any sweeter than that?

    Second, I do not mind that your videos are a bit longer. Just makes my day a bit…better :). I hope that you do not mind that I sometimes take a while to get around to reading/watching. I am always "a day late and a dollar short"…but I try.

    I really like the background in this video. It is very cozy and inviting. Just perfect. And the light looks good too. Is that still in your bedroom with the halogen lamp? Really, this is my favorite background/setting…but I would watch even if you filmed in the bathroom. ;p

    I think what I like best about watching your videos is the "imperfectness" of them. Your humanness is very comfortable. Sometimes scripted is great, but I think in this case the true you is what is wanted. At least for me!

    As for unschooling… I think it is harder than a lot of other options. I think it would be easier to pick a curriculum and then just "make" the kids do what is asked. It takes more of our souls to be constantly "present" and flexible and helping our child learn in ways that are most beneficial to him/her. But I just see it as a natural extension of parenting. I didn't have my kids to have the easy life. It's work. But it's worth it!! And working together with God and TRUSTing Him will ALWAYS lead to success! (Proverbs 3:5)

    xoxoxoxox!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, Beautiful Sue 😀

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      It feels strange having a son so much bigger than me… strange but good!

      I am always so grateful you take the time to read my posts and watch my videos. It doesn't matter in the least how long it takes you to do that.

      The video setting… I was in my bedroom again. The green chair is between my bookcase and my desk. And yes, I did use Callum's halogen lamps! I have to laugh over your words about the bathroom. A couple of weeks ago when I was despairing about the poor lighting, I considered the bathroom because the light in there is good! Thankfully I came up with the lamp idea before I subjected anyone to the sight of my shower!

      I do agree about unschooling being harder than a lot of other options. A curriculum is all set out and only has to be enforced. Your words are just perfect… if we trust God of course He will ensure success. I wonder if His kind of success matches up to what most of us think of as success. Letting go of control and our preconceived ideas can be a relief in many ways.

      I do so appreciate you watching my video, Virginia. Thank you!

      Now all I need to do is decide what I'm going to talk about this week…

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      I forgot to say thank you for your kind words and send you my love. (I was too busy smiling over the bathroom!) xxxx

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    Great video 🙂

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      Thank you, Natasha! I appreciate your comment!

    • Gina
    • June 12, 2014

    It is nice to see and hear you, Sue! I know you said doing videos was originally outside your comfort zone but you are doing a great job! Thanks for ministering to homeschoolers!

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      How lovely to see you on my blog! You are quite right. I did say making videos of myself was outside my comfort zone. But I seem to have conquered that fear. That feels good. Thank you so much for watching my video. It was scary wondering what people would think of me and my video making attempts, but I needn't have worried. I have lots of very kind friends! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

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