What Shall I Write About in the New Year?


I’m sitting on the family room sofa with my computer on my knees. A thousand thoughts are passing through my mind, but one thought keeps nagging at me more than the others. It’s telling me to close my computer and get up and do some work. Some real physical work. I need to clean my bedroom. Properly. I’ve lost a Christmas gift and maybe I’ll uncover it if I tidy up. Talking of presents, I have a huge pile to wrap.

But despite having things to do, I continue sitting here, sipping coffee.

And I listen to my girls. They’re chatting while Gemma-Rose paints Charlotte’s toenails. Each one is a different colour. Their giggles blend in with the Christmas music drifting gently through the room.

Yes, we’re having a lazy, pleasant morning and it seems a pity to spoil it by getting up and saying, “Okay! Time for me to work!”

So I continue sitting here.

“I’ll write a blog post,” I say. Writing is doing something. Is it work? I tap lazily on my computer keys while keeping a ear on my daughters’ giggles and conversation.

What shall I write about? It’s only a week until Christmas. I imagine you don’t want to read anything too heavy like an Evernote post. I have a few of those in the planning stage, but record keeping isn’t the right topic when everyone is about to slam their records books shut for a few weeks.  No, I shall save that idea.

But are you interested in Evernote? Would you like to hear my ideas if I write about them, not today but next year? Maybe, I could do a weekly post, sharing a few tips that might make homeschool record keeping easier for all of us.

Of course, all my future posts can’t be about Evernote. What else shall I write about? Are there any topics you are particularly interested in? I guess different readers are interested in different aspects of unschooling.

I’m thinking of putting together a guide for beginning unschooling. Of course, it won’t be a step-by-step, this-is-how-to-unschool guide. Your family might be different to mine. I can’t say, “Do things my way and unschooling will work for you.” But I can share ideas, give you some things to think about. Yes, maybe by having a ‘Start Here’ page, my blog will be easier for new readers, who are at the ‘thinking about unschooling’ stage, to find the relevant info. Would this be helpful?

But what about readers who have been unschooling for a long time? What can we share on my blog? What would you like to read about?

I sometimes worry I have said everything and I’m beginning to repeat myself. Are my posts becoming boring? Can I come up with some fresh ideas? I will have to think about that over the holidays.

Perhaps I could write a series. I remember how my Mental Illness series brought us all together, providing us with lots to ponder and discuss. It was so good to share feelings, difficulties and hope. Yes, another series. But what shall it be about?

Lots and lots of questions! There’s a problem with asking questions. What if no one answers them? I could get no response whatsoever. I might end up thinking, “No one is interested in reading about anything!” And that might be depressing.

Or I could just say, “Look, it’s almost Christmas. No one wants to stop by and talk unschooling at the moment. Everyone is busy with other more important things.”

Like wrapping presents. And cleaning bedrooms.

The Christmas music is no longer filling the air. Charlotte’s nails are painted. The girls have stopped chatting. Their heads are now in their computers. It’s time for me to move.

Yes, I have work to do. Wrapping presents, cleaning bedrooms…


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  1. Reply

    Hmm. I'm sitting here reading your blog when the dishes need to be done! 😀
    I would love a starting unschooling section, although we've been having a go for a couple of months now.
    Also tips for evernote would be really welcome!
    How to do a podcast for interested bloggers?
    Stories that arise from day to day life. It's always interesting hearing someone else's take on situations you may find yourself in. Fresh perspective, a new point of view.
    Don't stop now I've just joined the conversation!
    Hope your celebrations are joyous and celebratory. Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Reply

      Jazzy Jack,

      I'm sorry to have kept you from your dishes! If I'd made a podcast instead of writing a blog post, you could have listened while getting on with your work!

      Talking of podcasts, yes, I could write about how to make them. I learnt a lot about that over the past year or so. Perhaps other bloggers would like to try podcsasting too. Have you thought about doing this?

      I am so glad you want the conversation to continue. Sometimes I think I have nothing more to say, and then I'm struck with an idea, or someone gives me a topic I hadn't thought of writing about. This post has been good from my point of view. My mind is now busy with possibilities after reading the comments. Thank you!

      Today, I'm going to try and make a Christmas tree with my branches from the bush. Your Christmas decoration post inspired me! I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family!

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    Hmmm…what would I like to see more of? I love the Evernote posts, as that's how I record my unschooling. I like simple things such as recording what happened that day to everyone, once in a while. One thing I've noticed you don't touch too much on is socializing. I'm not worried about but I know many people going into unschooling/homeschooling have worried about it, so maybe some people would like that. I always love when you share resources. I'll let you know if I come up with anything else!

    1. Reply


      You're using Evernote? It's a wonderful way of recording unschooling, isn't it?

      Socialisation… You're right. I haven't written about this. I suppose I don't think about it, but yes, new unschoolers might worry. I'll definitely think more about this topic! I have talked/written about introverts and socialisation a few times. This can be a worry too.

      I love sharing resources with other people, telling them about my discoveries and following up theirs. I hope to have lots more resources to tell you about after Christmas!

      Thank you so much for stopping by to share your ideas. They are very helpful! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

    • Wendy
    • December 17, 2015

    I really enjoy posts about what you and the girls are interested in at the moment, especially when you add in a nice juicy resource list. It's like you're strewing to the internet!

    I'd also be interested in your thoughts on parenting adult children, now that I have one, and transitioning to that stage. I guess all unschooling is transitioning to that independent stage. Or is it just the same when they turn 18 because they have been on that trajectory for so long?

    Another thought, although I guess it would be for Out of My Catholic Mind, is that I would love to hear about your prayer life and how you nurture your spiritual life.

    I have also rather enjoyed hearing about your exercising. I must admit I am not running, but you inspired me to start doing core strengthening exercises again!

    1. Reply


      I'll definitely share more of my girls' interests and strewing discoveries. So glad you like hearing about what theyre doing!

      I've been thinking about parenting adult children ever since I read your comment a few days ago. That's an excellent topic for some posts or perhaps an interview. Imogen and I were discussing possible ideas and I think we could come up with something, hopefully interesting!

      I've also been pondering prayer. I could only write about it in a down-to-earth basic kind of way, but I could give it a go on the understanding that my prayer life is far from perfect.

      Core strengthening exercises! They make such a difference, don't they? I love it when we can share things in an encouraging kind of way!

      Thank you so much for your great writing/podcasting ideas. I'll be using all of them!

      I hope you have a joyful Christmas with your family. I imagine there will be lots of laughter and fun in your home during the Christmas season!

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    I have found your posts on Evernote very helpful, I use it constantly.
    I always enjoy your resource ideas .
    I would love to hear more about the upper end of high school and how to help our children find their passions and nurture them, without pushing too hard, if you understand my meaning.

    1. Reply


      I'm really glad to hear readers are interested in Evernote. I've got some further ideas but didn't want to overload everyone with record keeping posts. They're not the most interesting, but, for some of us, record keeping is a fact of life and I love sharing any ideas that might make it easier.

      I was talking to Sophie about how to help children find their passions, and then nurture them. She had some ideas! I think I could write something on that topic. Thank you for this suggestion!

      I hoping to have lots of resources to share next year. I love looking for them!

      Thank you so much for helping me. I appreciate you stopping by. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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    I said I was off to clean my bedroom. Several days later, I'm still there! I'd much rather be answering your comments than sorting out my bedroom, but I'd better finish the job. (I need to find my bed so I can use it tonight!) I will be back to discuss all these wonderful ideas just as soon as I can. Wonderful ideas? Oh yes, my mind is buzzing with possibilities after reading your suggestions. Thank you!

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    I didn't mean to delete my comment 🙂 I wanted to edit it. Let's try this again. I would love for you to write about how to handle "panic moments"! You know, those moments when you begin to worry because your kiddo's aren't "learning" what their school peers are, so you drag out all of your lesson plans and traditional textbooks and start "schooling" them…

    1. Reply


      It's frustrating when a comment can't be edited. Thanks for trying again!

      Panic moments? I could probably write something on that topic. I'll give it a go! Thank you so much for your suggestion!

    2. Reply


      Thank YOU for your suggestion! I hope you have a very happy Christmas!

    3. Reply

      Thank you!

  6. Reply


    Yes, I could certainly write a detailed post about a typical unschooling week! Our weeks tend to look a bit different depending on what 'season' of the unschooling year it is, but all weeks have their similarities. I don't really plan our weeks, but our days do have a rhythm. I have a few blog posts labelled 'typical day':


    I've spoken about this topic in a few podcasts as well.

    I hope these posts are helpful. I will write more after Christmas!

    Thank you so much for reading my blog, and for stopping by to say hello. I appreciate your comment very much and hope we can chat again another day!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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    I came across your blog when I was trying to learn more about unschooling. I've read a number of your posts on that topic and I now have your blog bookmarked on my list of blogs I regularly visit. 🙂 I'm still learning about unschooling and your blog has been so helpful. I'm wondering if you might do a post where you could really spell out in detail one week of unschooling. In other words, maybe a step by step, day by day, look at any planning for the week, how you approach each day, etc. Maybe you've already written some posts like that and I haven't come across them yet. If so, do please point me in the right direction. Thanks so much! Karen

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