When Time and Blogs are Our Own

I love Wednesday mornings. On Monday and Tuesday mornings we rush out the door to piano lessons. Wednesdays we stay home.

Although it is not a going out day, we were still up fairly early. The mornings are becoming darker as we get into autumn but we’re still running before breakfast. “Have a good run,” I tell my yawning team as we set off down the track. “Just think about the porridge we’re going to have for breakfast once we’ve finished.”

So we enjoyed the fresh morning air as we ran through the bush. Then when we came home, we made a huge pan full of porridge. We? Actually Charlotte made it. I headed straight into the shower. When I reappeared, a bowl of porridge topped with chopped nuts, was waiting for me.

It takes a while for lots of girls to make it through the shower. Then there were morning chores to do and prayers to say. And by the time we’d done all that, it was hardly worth starting anything else. It was 10 o’clock: morning tea time.

I think back a few years and remember how anxious I used to be about getting the day started ‘on time’. On time? Rush, rush. We mustn’t get behind. Oh we rush enough on days when we have outside lessons. Today, we relax and enjoy.

So we are all sitting here thumping on our computer keyboards as we sip milk or coffee. Yes, I like Wednesday mornings.

In a few minutes we’ll close our computers. Imogen is going to give Sophie and Gemma-Rose piano and singing lessons. Then later, we have something we want to do together. We’re really looking forward to it. We’re going to compose music using the Fibonacci numbers as inspiration. Gemma-Rose has already dug out the xylophone from the garage. She plans to play her music on it. I think Sophie wants to use the piano. She’s already thinking about how she will add interest by using sharps and flats.

I might post something about Fibonacci music if you’re interested. And what about Pi artwork? The girls and I made visualisations of the number Pi yesterday.  I could write a post about that too.

And I have an idea I’ve been mulling over: Does maths have to be taught systematically? Or can we dip into it randomly and approach it from many different directions and levels? I feel like writing something on this topic.

Writing posts? What am I doing writing posts? I’m an ex-blogger, aren’t I? To be honest, I don’t know. All I know is sometimes I have ideas I want to write about. And why not post them here? There might be someone interested in reading, despite the fact I fail to network and can’t keep up with reading and commenting on everyone’s blogs.

And if not, then that’s quite okay.  I shall post for myself.

Sophie and Imogen are now sitting side-by-side at the piano. (I love seeing older sisters passing on their skills to younger ones.) And while the girls are busy, I’m taking some time to write this post.

Yes, today our time is our own. And I realise this blog is my own too. Sometimes it’s important to do things on our time table, and in a way that suits us best. And not worry about the expectations of others. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about others. I do. But I have to recognise my limits.

I have come to the end of this post. Gemma-Rose is now at the piano. A light rain is falling but we are warm and dry inside. Yes, I love Wednesdays. Don’t you love at-home days too?

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