Why We Have to Take Risks

Today I posted my very first podcast.

“Do you want to listen to my podcast?” I ask my girls. They nod and soon we’re sitting around my computer listening to Podcasting, Blogging, Books and Lice!

“You’re using your ‘other people’ voice, Mum,” observes Gemma-Rose, “not your ‘family’ one.”

I think about this. Yes, somehow I don’t sound right. Oh my, what will people think? Will I get lots of critical comments? Perhaps I should go delete my podcast.

But then I look at Sophie. She’s smiling. “I can’t wait to make a podcast of my own,” she says. “Will you show me what to do?”

And suddenly it doesn’t matter that my podcast is really quite awful. I know I was right to publish it. Sometimes we have to take a risk, try things out and not worry what others might say because there is something far more important than looking good. It’s being a good example of learning for our children.

I showed Sophie how to download Audacity. She decided what to talk about and then disappeared into her bedroom to record her conversation. Now we are uploading her file to Podbean. Sophie is almost a podcaster. Today she learnt lots of new skills. Just like me.

So I’m not going to delete my podcast, even though I felt like doing this not so long ago. It’s out there on the Internet where anyone can listen and comment. And that’s okay. Because today Sophie followed my example. She learnt something new. She’s happy. And that’s all that matters.

PS:If you do listen to my podcast, please feel free to leave me some feedback. I’ll cope with any negative comments. Maybe!

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    I can't listen to your podcast today because my speakers are not working (on account of the shelf above falling on them and crashing both the speakers and the printer on top of it – but that's a whole different story!) I just wanted to say that I couldn't agree more with you. I am sure this is why unschooling is so successful for your family, because they have you trail blazing ahead with all your own wonderful learning!!
    I'll be back just as soon as my speakers work or I can find my ear phones that some child or other always seems to need to borrow….

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      You understand what I was trying to say! I think some adults hang back when learning new things in case they embarrass themselves. Kids are so different. They dive in and give things a go without worrying what people might say. It's hard but I'm trying to be more like the kids! I know they are always inspired by my efforts, however imperfect they are.

      I know it's not easy listening to podcasts. Thank you for wanting to listen to mine when you can!

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