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I have been busy writing blog post after blog post… Has anyone been following my A-Z blogging challenge posts on my Sue Elvis Writes blog? Has anyone been saying, “Oh no! Not another post!” I wouldn’t be surprised. It must be difficult trying to read so many posts in such a short time. But the end is in sight. The challenge is almost over. Two more posts – Y and Z- and I have finished! Then maybe I will have time for other things like this poor neglected blog.

The A-Z blogging challenge has been an interesting experience, not just for me, but for the girls as well.

Three of my daughters decided to do the blogging challenge with me. Imogen and Sophie were excited about it right from the beginning. Gemma-Rose wasn’t quite so sure, but her enthusiasm has grown and grown as the days have passed. I haven’t had to remind anyone to write their daily post. After more than 20 blog posts, I am rather surprised everyone is still so enthusiastic. 

“What did you write about for your S post, Mum?” Sophie asks.

Superheroes, Super Powers and the Super Enemy,” I reply.

“Can I read your post, please?” asks Gemma-Rose. She smiles as she scrolls down the screen. “One day I want to write stories just like yours.” Isn’t that a great compliment? (Children are a mother’s greatest fans.) Following an example is such a good way to learn. 

After reading my S post, the girls and I discuss a few ideas they could write about, then they go off and write their own posts. The girls also search for images to go with their stories.

“Can I publish my post?” asks Sophie.

“Yes! And then I’ll go and read it,” I promise.

Sharing each other’s writing is so much fun.

I’ve been printing off the girls’ blog posts. Their folders are filling up. I’ve watched my daughters flipping through these pages, rereading their posts with big smiles on their faces. Writing is such satisfying work.

There was another reason why I printed off the posts. I thought they might impress our Authorised Person when she came for our 2 yearly homeschooling registration visit. Our AP came last week. Was she impressed with the girls’ posts? She certainly was.

Our registration visit… How did it go? Would you like to know? If you do, I might write about that another day!

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    I'd love to know how your AP visit went…I have mine this Wednesday..

    1. Reply


      Our visit couldn't have gone better. I had no trouble putting everything the girls have been doing into a form that was acceptable for the Board of Studies. I'll write a post with all the details!

      I am sure your visit will go equally well. I've read all your posts about Brid's achievements. I also remember your post about your last registration visit. Remember how Brid was so in control and impressed the AP?

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    This sounds like a great way to learn writing skills, Sue. Have you thought any more about doing some writing posts? It would be so good to learn more from you!

    God bless, Sue:-)

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      I always love using real work to learn skills, rather than exercises. The blogging challenge has been so good. Our writing has a purpose. It's out there in the blogosphere where it can be shared with others. The challenge made me realise how quickly Gemma-Rose is composing stories, and how she is persevering. Many adult bloggers have given up partway through the challenge, but the girls are still going. They've been having lots of fun.

      More writing posts? Everyone has their own methods of teaching kids how to write, but I guess we could all share ideas and learn from each other. I think adults can also improve their writing skills. I know I am learning all the time! Writing a post a day has been good practise for me as well as the girls!

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