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The other evening, my husband Andy said, “What’s Imogen doing these days?”

Imogen is our 21-year-old daughter. She finished her Bachelor of Arts degree last November. Since then she has been pursuing her passions.

“She’s been working on her novels,” I replied, “and we told you about her music videos. Have you seen them?”

Andy hadn’t seen the videos Imogen recorded with her younger sisters’ help, so we opened up the computer and headed over to her Youtube channel. We played her music videos, one after the other. (Imogen hid around the corner wondering what her father’s reaction would be.)

When the videos were finished, Andy said, “So what equipment do you need? Is there anything extra we can get you?”

At these words, Imogen came back into the room, and we started discussing what extra equipment we could possibly buy.

“A wide angle lens would be good,” said Sophie, our videographer. “We could use it at locations where it’s hard to step back and get the whole scene on camera.”

“Yes, we could use it in the bush. We’d get some wonderful footage of the huge rocks.”

We think Andy was impressed by what Imogen has been doing. It sounds like he thinks she should continue working on her ambition to become a succssful online musician. She has his full support.

Trusting and supporting our kids doesn’t always end when they finish their official education years. Sometimes a parent’s job isn’t over. I talk about this in this week’s podcast episode.

Imogen joins me for episode 62.

These are a few of the things we talk about:

  • Do parents need to continue trusting their young adult children while they are pursuing their dreams?
  • Imogen tells us about her dream of becoming a successful online musician.
  • She shares her thoughts on a classical musical education. Is she glad she worked her way through the exam system?
  • Imogen describes how she and her sisters record the music, and then film and put together their music videos.
  • What is the best way to learn? Do we need to ignore the possibility of criticism and get out there and learn on the go?
  • Imogen shares her thoughts on marriage, love, and children, and how these relate to her own career dreams.
  • Is it important for children to see their mothers using their talents?
  • Was Jane Austen a modern woman ahead of her time?
  • We talk about Imogen’s latest music video, a frightening moment with a huge kangaroo and how a team of kids can do fantastic things.

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Blog post
In Which I Tell You More About Myself

Youtube Channels
Sue Elvis
Imogen Elvis

Sue Elvis
Imogen Elvis

Sue Elvis
Imogen Elvis

Miss Austen Regrets

Imogen’s latest music video
Scarborough Fair


Podcast Music: 60’s Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

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Images: I took these photos at the girls’ last video shoot. They filmed in a local nature reserve. Afterwards, we enjoyed a picnic breakfast!You can find my Stories of an Unschooling Family podcast on

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  1. Reply

    Loved this podcast, loved hearing Imogen's perspective! Loved listening in on your joyful and loving relationship. It's clear the trust goes both ways!

    I have to tell you I heard all about Imogen's latest from my girls before I even got a chance to hear it myself. Truly beautiful, Imogen! You have inspired your American fans!! Rachel (Leena) is now taking singing lessons and wants to record!

    1. Reply


      I'm so glad you enjoyed this week's podcast. I love talking to Imogen but wasn't sure our conversation would be interesting to anyone else.

      How wonderful Rachel is having singing lessons! Maybe Imogen's description of how she does things will show other young people that it is possible to record songs and share them online fairly easily. I shall tell Imogen she has some American fans. I'm sure she will be delighted.

      Wendy, thank you for your encouraging comment and for listening to my podcast. I always love sharing with you!

  2. Reply

    It was such an inspiring and motivating podcast, ladies! Thank you very much!
    And yes, some unsvhooling parents with small kids really need to hear that unschooled kids find their way, and that they are not just "lingering around"… 🙂 I really think that passion is very important for a happy life and Imogen and Sophie does such a special great job!

    1. Reply


      Oh yes, I agree with you: Passion is essential for a happy life! It's very exciting for a mother to watch her children involved in their passions. And when we can share those passions and help each other, that's even better!

      Thank you so much for listening to this week's podcast. I appreciate your kind feedback.

  3. Reply

    Hi there, Sue! I just wanted to you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out!

    1. Reply


      Congratulations on your Liebster award. It's very kind of you to nominate me and my blog for one too. Thank you!

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