Why Picnics Are (Still) Important

Do you ever find parenting and homeschooling overwhelming? Do you have days when you want to run away? Perhaps you need to leave the problems at home and go on a picnicking adventure!

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    Dear Sue

    I haven't been on your blog for a long time! That is mainly due to the birth of our new baby (you can view more on my blog) but I have been thinking of you and your nice family. Our baby has a similar name like your oldest daughter, btw.

    I absolutly agree to the picknick idea. When we go on a day trip or a short walk, the change of surroundings has a positve effect on us. We are happy, refreshed, inspired …!

    Hope everything is fine and you are all well.


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      I saw beautiful Facebook photos of you carrying your baby. Congratulations! What happy news! I am sure you are very busy at the moment. It is lovely of you to visit my blog and stop by to say hello.

      We are all well, thank you. It isn't picnic weather here at the moment. Today it was snowing! We had snow on our cars when we woke, but it didn't settle on the ground in our village. This afternoon we drove to town and saw lots of snow covering fields, gardens, and cars. Snow is a rare event for us. I hope it's warmer where you are and you are able to go on lots of picnics!

  2. Oh, we are long overdue for a picnic.

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      From the photos on your blog, it looks like you're having lots of beautiful weather suitable for picnics!

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    I loved this video and the beautiful commentary :-). Seeing the pictures of the gang when they were little, especially Gemma Rose as a baby made me smile.

    Yes picnics are important, thanks for the reminder xx

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      It took me a long time to find some old photos to use in this video, but I enjoyed looking at them when I at last found them. My older photos are of poor quality compared to my later ones but they are full of memories. Thank you so much for watching my video and sharing my little story. I hope the rain clears away and you are able to go on a picnic soon! xx

    • Hwee
    • July 18, 2015

    These are the things that a collective family memory is made of! They are totally irreplaceable and much more important than finishing up 'official' school work. Family relationship is so important to make time for! Thank you for another inspiring post, Sue! 🙂

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      A collective family memory… Oh yes! This is so important. There is nothing better than saying, "Do you remember when…" and sharing memories. This is also true when memories are sad such as when Thomas died. I remember reading about how shared memories are very important. They give us a sense of belonging and because of them, we know there are other people who understand us and where we've come from. Thank you for watching my video!

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