How Kids (and Adults) Learn

In this week’s podcast, episode 108, I’m telling some stories and chatting about how kids and adults learn:

  • What is the best motivation for learning?
  • Why do we persist using teaching methods that we know aren’t working? Why do we waste our time?
  • Would more people unschool if there was no such thing as homeschool registration?
  • What bad habits have adults learnt that get in the way of learning?
  • Do other people’s words have an effect on our inclination to learn?
  • When our kids are learning to read or spell, could we end up discouraging them instead of helping them?
  • Should we focus on what our kids can do instead of what they are unable to do?
  • What do kids need to know?
  • How do we ensure our kids have all the knowledge they will need for a successful future?
  • Does our lack of trust hurt our children?

Show Notes

Blog Posts

How Children Learn According to Sophie

Learning from My Children

Encourage or Discourage?

What Do Children Need to Learn?

Remembering to Trust

Podcast music

Twombly by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

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    • Venisa
    • September 30, 2017

    Thanks for another great podcast Sue! A lot of great encouragement again.

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your kind feedback. It’s always good to know you’re listening!

    • Alissa
    • October 1, 2017

    Our state in the U.S. has no paperwork or anything in regards to homeschooling. We have to just agree that we will cover the 5 main subjects. Which no one I guess really knows if you are as there aren’t tests, files, or anyone who checks. Five years ago we said we are homeschooling now and bye disappearing into the abyss I guess lol. That said we still have a small number of unschool families so I think registration wouldn’t matter as here there isn’t any but it’s not a popular choice still. I do think it may be a more popular choice in other countries so it might there if there wasn’t registration.

    1. Reply


      It must be wonderful to be free to unschool without any restrictions. Your comment made me wonder if parents either don’t understand unschooling properly or are too afraid to try it. It does take a lot of trust to go along this pathway. Perhaps many people think it’s safer to stay with mainstream homeschooling. It seems that even without any homeschooling requirements, not many people are choosing the unschooling option. I find this rather sad because, of course, I want everyone to live this way of life!

      I love sharing thoughts with you. Thank you for stopping by and continuing the conversation!

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