Popularity, Learning to Read and Shakespeare

Is there such a thing as a typical unschooling day? What about a typical unschooling week? Do my children spend equal time on all the key learning areas? The answer is no!

We tend to get immersed in a few things at a time. This isn’t so good for my record-keeping, but it’s a very enjoyable and effective way of learning. Recently I’ve had a lot of English and Creative Arts learning experiences to record in my records notebook, but no maths or science. Is this a problem?

In this week’s podcast, I talk about the uneven nature of learning and how it affects my record keeping.

I also discuss the following:

  • blogging, podcasting and popularity
  • our passion for Shakespeare
  • learning to read:
  • how I thought I was a wonderful teacher
  • how I discovered I wasn’t
  • the mistakes I made with my children
  • what I finally learned about learning to read

Program Notes:

Blog posts about learning to read

Shakespeare: Shakespeare Uncovered on PBS website

Sophie’s blog:The Techno Maid

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  1. Reply

    Well, we're not Shakespeare fans but we do all love to read, and each child has learned in their own way. I love that we have the flexibility to help them in the way they need, rather than trying to fit in a mould that isn't right for them.
    I like Sophie's blog! It has interesting content and I can see the effort she puts in, I hope she keeps it up.
    Thank you for another interesting podcast Sue, God bless you.

    1. Reply


      You are such an inspiration to Sophie. She loves looking at your photos. You are always so very kind to her. Thank you for encouraging her with her blogging and photography. And thank you for listening to my latest podcast and encouraging me too. God bless you too!

    • Amy
    • July 27, 2015

    As usual, I always enjoy your stuff. Would love to sit & chat over a cup of coffee! 😉 Off to check out Sophie's blog now.

    1. Reply


      I'll just have to imagine I'm sitting and chatting to you as I record my podcasts! Meeting in person would be much better because we could have a real back-and-forth conversation rather than me doing all the talking. One day! Thank you so much for listening and also for visiting Sophie's blog!

  2. Reply

    I bought myself an iPod Nano so that I could listen to Podcasts while working around the house but I still haven't set it up. Talk about procrastination! When I do I will have to listen to your Podcasts, Sue. They sound intriguing.

    1. Reply


      I listen to podcasts while I work around the house! They make doing all the routine jobs more bearable. Setting up an iPod is easy. Once you have the app installed, you can search for appropriate podcasts to listen to. I'm sure there are much more professional podcasts out there than mine, but I would be delighted if you listened. I always have fun making new episodes. It's been a great learning experience. Thank you for your comment. I hope you're enjoying a beautiful winter's day like us!

  3. Reply

    Sue, another great episode. One thing I really appreciate is that you own up to your past mistakes. I think that in homeschooling it is easy to get discouraged when looking at blogs, thinking of all the ways I don't measure up. When someone else is real and admits to their mistakes, it encourages me to give myself some grace going forward. Thanks for being authentic.

    1. Reply

      Hi Amy,

      Oh, I have lots of mistakes I could talk about! I am glad you are not put off by them, but instead encouraged to keep going. I used to want to look perfect but these days that no longer seems important. People are always so kind when I admit my failures so it doesn't hurt to tell the truth. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast and for this beautiful comment.

  4. Reply

    Hello Sue. Trusting is huge. Our society does not encourage trust. I'm learning to exercise my trust muscles and also to enjoy my children's passions. I like to stew items that I think might interest my children but I'm learning not to be hurt or ticked off if they don't like what I've put in front of them. So funny how I would even think I could force my kids to like things. But when I share my passions and love and appreciation for things they are much more warm to my wanting to share something with them. They love to hear and sing along with the Phantom of the Opera, watching and laughing along with old classic black and white movies, children's renditions of Shakespeare and Homer, classical music, pop music, hikes up mountains (all things I thoroughly enjoy). But saying and especially thinking horrible things can happen in the Huitt home. But when I relax, realize we have all eternity to learn together and exist I can relax. Of course the God of the universe will lead them into all things good for them and what He has planned for their lives.
    Thank you for your podcast and website. I really feel connected and encouraged by you.

    1. Reply


      It's good to hear from you! I'd been thinking about you and wondering how you were, so it's lovely to exchange comments.

      I think you are so right about our society not encouraging trust. I pondered this some weeks ago. Yes, we all like to be in control and it's difficult to let go of our own ideas and expectations and just trust.

      It's wonderful when a family has shared passions, isn't it? When we all enjoy particular interests we have such fun together. Our passions bind us together. Of course, some of the things I feel excited about fail to excite my children. Like you, I've learnt to let go and not worry about it. There are so many interesting things to discover in this world. Yes, God will lead our kids to other good things!

      I appreciate your kind words about my podcast and blog. I feel very encouraged to keep writing and talking about unschooling. Thank you so much for listening and reading!

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