The Extraordinary Ordinary Things of Life

The Extraordinary Ordinary Things of Life Unschooling podcast 85

In this week’s podcast, episode 85, I share a story. It’s about love and pain and this extraordinary unschooling life we are living.

This is how the story ends:

So I live in the present moment and I enjoy the ordinary things of life which I suddenly realise aren’t so ordinary after all. Ordinary becomes powerfully extraordinary when combined with love.

As each child comes to say goodnight, I enfold her within my arms and I hug. I hug tightly, my eyes closed, my heart overflowing with love. This is today. This is what is important. This is an extraordinary ordinary moment.

But how does it begin? Will you share the rest of my story?

In this episode, I also talk about how I moved my unschooling blog from Blogger to WordPress. I hope the new design makes it easy for you to find my posts even if some of them are, at the moment, hard to read. (I’m still reformatting my posts after they got jumbled up while being transferred!)

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The Baby Loss Club

Blog post

The Extraordinary Ordinary Things of Life

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60’s Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

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I’d love to hear about the extraordinary ordinary things of your life. Are there times when you stop and breathe in all the joy of the moment?

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    • Vicky
    • November 8, 2016

    You have a gift for expressing deep emotions in your writing and your talking, Sue. This podcast stirred up past family and personal memories, as I listened. I felt sad that you feel alone in your grief and I wondered if Mary felt this, too, while being surrounded by crowds of people at Calvary. I hope you have a love-filled and peaceful day, tomorrow. Love and prayers, as always xxx

      • Sue Elvis
      • November 13, 2016


      Thank you for your love and prayers. I did feel alone in my grief on Thomas’ birthday, but since then I have felt the love of people who care about me and now I’m okay. It’s hard facing the grief every year. I’m glad I recorded this podcast for Thomas. Thank you for listening. xxx

  2. Reply

    Sue, your new blog looks beautiful! I was sorry to hear of all the unexpected extra work you’ve had to do to migrate your blog. We appreciate it very much! As will all the future readers you inspire in their unschooling journeys, I’m sure.

    You’ve been in my thoughts since I realised it was Thomas’s birthday this week. I can’t imagine how lonely grief must be. As Vicky says, you have a gift for expressing deep emotions and giving those of us who haven’t experienced an unimaginable loss like that of a child a small insight into the suffering of those who have. Sending much love.

      • Sue Elvis
      • November 14, 2016


      I’m glad you like my new look blog. I still haven’t finished reformatting all the posts, but I’m making progress. I should have moved to WordPress years ago before my blog got too big. Never mind. Reformatting is certainly quicker than writing posts from scratch!

      Thomas’ birthday seemed to be hard this year but I’m okay now. Thank you so much for your thoughts and love which I appreciate very much.

    • Tanya
    • November 10, 2016

    Love the new look! Yes, I totally agree! It seems much simpler to use now. I love it! Now let’s see if my comment shows up this time. 😉

    • Tanya Sheldrake
    • November 10, 2016

    Hi Sue, second attemp here, trying to leave a message on your post. I don’t see the first one, so I’m trying it one more time. Love the new look and yes, it’s nice and simple, easy to navigate design. Love it!

      • Sue Elvis
      • November 14, 2016


      As you can see, both your comments posted. I’m glad about that. It’s lovely to know you can stop by and say hello whenever you feel like it. I’m pleased you like my blog!

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