Complete List of Stories

Unschooling and University: Learning from Our Own Experiences

When Rules for Teenagers Aren’t Necessary

What to Do When Unschooling Kids Reach the Teenage Years

Dragon Mothers and Parenting Mistakes

The Trouble With Being a Perfectionist

Christian Unschooling and Other Things

An Impossible Adventure

Letting Go of Control

Bringing God into the Unschooling Picture

Is It Time to Unschool?

How to Customise a Basic Evernote Planner

Creating Personal Planners Using Evernote

Why It’s Important to Allow Kids to Follow Their Interests and Passions

Learning During a Crisis

What if You Disagree With My Unschooling Ideas?

Being Honest About Unschool Maths

Treating Kids With Respect

All About Strewing

Blogging, Social Media and Unschooling Books

Spreading the Radical Unschooling Message

What if Unschooling is Wrong?

Should Parents Be In Charge Because They Have Experience and Wisdom?

Babies and Toddlers and Unschooling

Unconditional Love: An Essential Ingredient of Unschooling

Life After Facebook

How Unschooling Isn’t About Doing Whatever We Like

Should Unschooled Kids Live Balanced Lives?

Trust and Unschooling

Should Kids Finish Everything They Start?

Approaching Unschooling From Different Directions

Changing Our Ideas About Unschooling

Are We Incomplete Without Our Interests and Passions?

Unlearning What We’ve Learnt About Education

Admitting Defeat

The Truth About Our Unschooling Journey

Today I Saw Thomas

Unschoolers and Schooly Type Subjects

Unschooling: What It’s All About

Unschooling: What It Is and What It’s Not

Overcoming the Temptation to Doubt

What Gives Me the Right to Write About Unschooling?

About Me: A Former Dragon Mother

An Unschooling Conversation Between Friends

My Unschooling Book Blogging Challenge

It Begins with a Question


Why it’s Dangerous to Insist Our Children Have the Same Opinions as Us

An Interview with a Teenage Radical Unschooler

Why You Should Consider Radical Unschooling

How Kids (and Adults) Learn

Is Unschooling for Everyone?


Why Becoming an Ex-Unschooling Blogger is a Bit Scary

Why This is the End of the Line for Me

What Do You Think About ..? Chat with Us about All Kinds of Issues!

Is it Really Okay to Give Unschooling Kids Unlimited Access to Screens and the Internet?

Social Media, Internet Addiction and Screen Time

Is the Internet Addictive or is There Another Reason I Waste Time Online?

Disentangling Myself from the Internet

How Do I Turn Unschooling Life into Homeschool Records?

What is Unschooling? A Transcript

No More Nice, Dead People!

Accepting, Respecting, and Loving Unconditionally: An Unschooler’s Thoughts

Podcasting Breaks and Unschooling Books

Miles’ Model Munitions Germination

Ideas for Starting Unschooling

Watching a Child Learn

The Jeans-Wearing Rule

A Podcast Transcript: Passing on Our Values and Beliefs to Our Children

Sharing Our Values and Beliefs With Our Unschooled Children

How I Gave Up and Started Unschooling

Adult Peer Pressure, Clothes, Rules, and Compassion

If We Collaborate Could We Light a Gentle Unschooling Fire?

My Unschooling Podcast Adventure

Real Life Family Unschool Maths

A Gradual Approach to Unschooling

Unschool Maths and Uncomfortable Ideas

When New Ideas Make Us Feel Uncomfortable

Unschooling Imposters and Difficult Days

What Do I Think of School?

Fitting Facebook, Podcasting and Blogging into a Busy Life

An Unschooling Imposter

An Evernote Workshop (8): Recording the Weather

How an Unschooling Life isn’t Perfect and Why That’s Okay

Turning Unschool Learning into Homeschool Records Notes

An Evernote Workshop (7): 50 Coloured Background Note Templates (to download)

Unschooling Siblings and Other Stories

What Do Unschoolers Do All Day?

An Evernote Workshop (6): Images and Icons

Our Unschooling Story

An Evernote Workshop: (5) Digital to Paper, Saving and Printing Notebooks

An Evernote Workshop: (4) How Many Notebooks Do We Need?

Does My Trust in Unschooling Ever Waver?

An Evernote Workshop: (3) Notes, Notebooks, Tags

How Unschooling is About Being Connected with Our Kids

An Evernote Workshop: (2) The Basic Options

Imogen and Andy Elvis Presley

Do You Know Who You Are?

An Evernote Workshop: (1) Creating Family, Personal, and Homeschool Journals

Why You Should Consider Keeping an Evernote Homeschool Records Book Even if You Don’t Have to

I Might Be Different But I’m Okay

If It’s Not on Facebook Did It Really Happen?

Wanting to Be the Star and Other Stories

Saying No and Other Things

An Answer to the Chores Problem

Can We Force Kids to Exercise?

Unschool Science

The Catholic Radical Unschool Cheese and Other Stories

Why Unschooling Isn’t Just Another Method of Homeschooling

An Unschooling Experiment

What is Unschooling?

What Unschoolers Miss Out On

Unschool Christmas Card Maths

Are You a Curious Unschooler?

My Perfect Christmas Present Secret

Bob Blogosphere Discovers Imogen Elvis

The Difference Between Radical Unschooling and Unparenting

What if My Child is Ordinary?

Making an Aussie Bush Christmas Tree

Are You an Unschooling Multipotentialite?

Not The Usual Reason for Playing Board Games

A Very Resource Full Week: Rescued Paintings, Graphs, and Expensive Cats

The Extraordinary Ordinary Things of Life

Are We Living a Second Best Kind of Unschooling Life?

How Introverts Aren’t Necessarily Shy

Do You Live in the Best Place in the World?

How to Start a Great Art Conversation

How NOT to Be Your Child’s Worst Nightmare

A Day in the Life of an Unschooling Teenager: Miles Brack

Will All Unschoolers Do Amazing Things?

Are You a Daring and Adventurous Parent?

Unplanning Notebooks for Strewing and Unschool Record Keeping

How We Can Trust Kids and Dogs

Of Babies and Bombs

Parenting Teenagers: Why I Don’t Make Rules

A New Series of Unschooling Videos

Would You Like to Be My Guest?

How to Turn Movies into Homeschool Records Notes


How Sharing Interests Strengthens Family Bonds

Radical Unschooling

Learning from Life, Record-Keeping, and Strewing

How Children Learn When They Have a Need

Go Out There and Make a Difference!

How to Make Evernote Unschool Records look Impressive

What We Need to Film Imogen’s Music Videos

A Triple Celebration

Cold Piano Fingers


Telling the Same Story in a New Way


Unschooling: What About Socialisation?

Some Thoughts About Proper and Not So Proper Unschoolers

The Not So Proper Unschoolers


Young Adult Unschoolers, Dreams, Love, and Marriage

Maths, Chores, and Thanking Our Kids

Listening to Kids

Thinking Critically about Unschooling

Busy Days and Catch-Up Days

More Sibling Rivalry: Another Unschooling Interview

Sibling Rivalry: An Unschooling Interview

Obstacles to Unschooling

Responding to Unschooling and Other Critics

What’s Stopping You From Unschooling?

Why My Children and I Share Our Evernote Notebooks

Fan Mail and Lots of Unschooling Thoughts

Our Typical Unschooling Mornings

Why Some Kids Are Willing to Help with the Chores

Our Unschooling Morning Routine

Talking About Exercise with My Unschooling Teenager

How to Podcast: Editing an Episode

How to Podcast: Recording an Episode

How to Podcast: What You Need

Who’s on Your Team?

Evernote Homeschool Records: How Many Notebooks Do We Need?

Encouraging Kids’ Ideas

Should We Buy Kids What They Need to Fulfil Their Passions?

One-On-One Times: Are They Important?

Big Blogging Plans for 2016!

Making a Music Video in the Australian Bush

What Shall I Write About in the New Year?

Sue Elvis: An Interview

How All Kids Are Amazing

10 Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog

Life after University: Following Dreams

On to a New Stage in Life

Attachment Parenting and Unschooling

Unschool Maths Records: 20+ Ideas for Evernote

Unschool English Records: 20 Ideas for Evernote

The Awesome Teacher and Other Stuff

From Around the Web: Unschooling and Learning to Read

If You Haven’t Got Time to Listen to a Whole Podcast…

Why We Don’t Have to Push Kids to Work Hard

Getting Older, Unschooling, and Moving On

Fabulous Christmas: Gift Ideas and Traditions

Trying to Be a Fun Mum

When Amazing Things Aren’t Happening

Lacking Inspiration

Letting Our Writing Imaginations Go Wild

Real Life Maths: Designing a Dream Home

Stolen Paintings and Real Life Maths

If You Think Computer Games Are a Waste of Time

Is it Necessary We Agree with Each Other’s Ideas?

Do My Unschoolers Mind Being Different?

The Tricky Business of Recommending Resources

How to Live Radically

When Our Help and Strewing Are Rejected

Liking, Tweeting, Pinning, Aching…

Time to Unschool (Part 2)

How Registered Homeschoolers Can Unschool

The Most Powerful Motivator of All

Strengthening Family Bonds

One Way My Blog Might Be Useful

On Holiday: History, Geography and Record Keeping

The Angels of Abbey Creek Paper Dolls

The New Mr and Mrs Elvis and Other Extraordinary Week Stories

Mothers and Daughters-in-Law and Love

How I’m Gaining a Sixth Daughter

Chores and Our Typical Unschooling Day

Perhaps I Shouldn’t Have Told You about Our Typical Unschooling Day

A Bit of a Murder in Our Typical Unschooling Day

How I Made a ‘Huge’ Mistake and Was Forgiven

How I Ruined My Chances of Having Thousands of Facebook Fans

Is Unschooling Just Living Life?

Getting a Bit Carried Away with Fotojet

Books, Weddings and Lots of Passion!

Being Part of the Helping Team

Encouraging Kids to Write (and the Youngest Child in the Family)

Popularity, Learning to Read and Shakespeare

Acquiring Bucketfuls of Unschooling Trust

Can We Say We’re Unschoolers if We Require Maths?

Learning from My Daughter and Other Unschool Stories

Why Picnics Are (Still) Important

Deciding to be Positive about Homeschool Record Keeping

Starting Unschooling

Why Kids with Families Don’t Need Workbooks to Learn Basic Maths

Kids and Computers

Regaining Her Enthusiasm for Learning

From Unschooling to University

Real Life Maths Resources: Some Thoughts and Links

Preparing Our Children for an Unknown Future: Can We Do it?

Elevator Pitches: Unschooling and Faith

When Excitement for Learning Appears to Disappear

Evernote for Home Records: Which Version?

Creativity: Why Classical Music Isn’t Enough

What I Think Unschooling is All About: The Podcast

Taking Time Out

Misconceptions: Unschooling Children are Self-Centred and Inconsiderate

Misconceptions: Unschooling Children Will Choose Not to Do Difficult Things

Misconceptions: Unschooling Parents are Lazy

Misconceptions: Unschooling Parents Have to Step Back

Dreams, Talents, Working and Unworking

Wild on the Inside

The Power of a Few Encouraging Words

An Elvis Family Tradition

Changing People’s Minds about Unschooling

Maybe We Should Have Listened to the Critics

Funny How Things Change

Using Evernote to Record Unschool Maths

Registering as Homeschoolers Using Evernote Unschool Records

A Successful Evernote Homeschool Registration Visit

Young, Beautiful Avatars & Other Discoveries of My Week

Forcing Kids to Learn and to Eat, and Should We Test Them?

Blog Post Ideas & Other Lurky Week Stories

The Inflated Can of Baked Beans

Our Reluctance to Trust and Other Croaky Thoughts

Time for New Adventures? Maybe? Maybe Not?

Why I Like Empty Weeks & Other Busy Week Stories

Boy Stories

Can Unschooling Be a Christian Thing to Do?

Unschool Maths: Why and How

Why Sophie is Glad I’m Her Mother and Other Dusty Week Stories

Questioning Our Decision to Unschool

If You’re Looking for the Perfect Example of Unschooling

Being Honest: Talking about Mistakes and Perfection

An Australian Bush Birthday and Bush Books

(More) Apologies

Protecting Children from Outside Influences

My Head is Overflowing with Ideas, Music, and Lots of Questions!

Keeping Teenagers Safe from the Dangers of the World

Resolutions, Reading, Writing and Coarse Language

Under the Spell of the Australian Bush: Books, a Movie, a Walk

Unschooling Resources: Discoveries of 2014

How Jesus Was Stolen & Other Christmas Tales

The Midnight Mass

Why We Are Rotten Parents and Other Stories

So What’s Happening With Facebook and My Blog?

Chores and Kids: What if We Said “Yes”?

Books, Music, Burnout and a Mystery!

Pi and Tea, and Our Dog’s Tea Bag Collection

How to Talk and Save Lives, and Can I Mention the Weather?

My Old Portmanteau

Losing My Ability…

About Me, About Podcasts, About Adventures!

A Baby’s Birth and Death, and Christmas (Again!)

Teenagers. Rules and Rebellion

The Problem with Being an Introverted Blogger

Should a Child Be Given the Freedom to Choose?

Too Short Skirts and Other Stories of My Week

Mothers, Unschooling, and a Lazy Way of Life

How We Unschool Despite Strict Homeschool Regulations

Why Picnics Are Important

Maths and Other Wild and Yummy Stories

Beginnings and Endings, and a Simple Christmas

More About an Unschooling School Teacher Father

Approaching Classic Novels the Other Way Round

Unschooling Children, a School Teacher Father, and Tea

Bits and Pieces, Some Hard to Believe

Unschooling Experts, Criticism, and Radical Chore Rosters

Unschooling Interests and Random Word Novels

Bare Foot Unschooling and Comfortable Shoes

Unschool Writing, Essays and a Few Panicky Moments!

Are You a Proper Unschooler?

Squishy? Living in the Unschooling Moment

What I Discovered This Morning & Other Stories of My Week

Exciting Times, Slow Times, and Unschool Holidays

Unschooling Sausages

Five MORE Favourite Read-Aloud Book Series

Getting Older, Admitting One’s Age, Lines and Wrinkles!

A Camera, Photography Books and Playing the Ebay Game

Logarithmic Time and Other Old and Inappropriate Stories

Mistakes, a Teenager’s Love of Learning and Loose Change!

Adding Children’s Books to My Own Personal Reading Pile

Why We Have to Take Risks

Podcasting, Blogging, Books and Lice!

Teenage Daughters, Books, Movies and Love

Homeschool Meetings. Talking and Turkeys

Seven Revealing Facts About Myself

Creating Evernote Reading Notebooks

Five Favourite Read-Aloud Book Series

The Writing Game: No Shortage of Writing Ideas

The Right Kind of Home Improvement

Deciding to Get Rid of Our STUFF!

Some Big News and Not So Big News

Yelling at Maths Games and Other Stories of the Week

From Unschooling to University and Work (Part 2)

Will It All Work Out?

What About My Perfect Homeschooling Success Story?

From Unschooling to University and Work (Part 1)

My Draft Posts File is as Fat as Our Cats, and Other Stories

So Why Do I Blog About Unschooling?

Interviewing Charlotte (16), an Unschooling Teenager

My Fridge Adventure

Pondering Trust

Interviewing Sophie (13), an Unschooling Teenager

Becoming Real Life Maths Detectives

Have You Been Thinking About Visiting Me?

What is it Like to Be an Unschooling Parent?

About Being a Tired Mother

Approaching Maths Backwards

Does Unschooling Work?

The 20 Minute Challenge

How to Have an Unschool Adventure, No Camper Van Needed!

Answering a Strewing Question

Five Minutes on Friday: What is Unschooling?

Unschooling, Strewing and Unplanning

Rainbow Loom, More Rainbow Loom, Yet More Rainbow Loom

Chatting about Passions and Other Stuff

What My Girls Did This Week and How I Recorded These Learning Experiences

Pondering Some Ideas about How to Prepare for a Homeschool Registration Visit

Not Everyone Likes Me

Why I Refuse to be My Child’s Worst Nightmare

How Homeschooling Children Can Use Evernote

A Look Inside Our Evernote Unschooling Records Notebooks

A Perfect Method for Keeping Unschooling Records

Unvlogging: Writing, Video Making, Record Keeping…

Sipping Tea with Friends While Answering Liebster Questions

Becoming a Vlogger: So What Am I Going to Talk About?

Becoming a Vlogger: Can I Do This?

About Writing and Clothes and Camping

About Me, About Being Different

Unschooling and Trust

Watching TV, Playing on the Computer, Doing Nothing Much at All

Encouraging Children So They Get Excited About Learning

Some Thoughts on Unschooling and Experts

When Time and Blogs Are Our Own

Burnt Out

When a Child Wants to Read the Same Book Again and Again

Helping a Child Go Where She Wants to Go

Glimpsing the World Through a Child’s Eyes

The Problem with Disguising Maths Practice as Fun

The Reading Out Loud Experiment

REAL LIFE Junk Mail Catalogue MATHS

Why My Unschooler Isn’t Going to Learn Any More Maths

A Typical Unschooling Day at Home

Time for Some Strewing

The Curriculum of Life

Team Writing a Fantasy Novel

Engines, Muscles and Spending Time with Dad

Everything is Educational, Even Disney Princesses

Those Weird Unschoolers

Facing the Fact We Are an Introverted Family

The Problem with Being a Younger Sister

The Joy of Singing Together

Lots of Interesting Stuff for Children to Do on the Computer

Teenagers are People Too

When Unschooling Spills Over into Parenting

When a Child Can’t Cope

The Changing Seasons of the Unschooling Year

How I Removed an Engine from a Car

Following My Mothering Instincts

This is MY Mothering Story

Gemma-Rose (9) Talks about Novel Writing

Another Invitation to Come in and Meet My Family

Reclaiming an Unschooling Sense of Adventure

Encouragement, Example and the Fun of Sharing Passions

Sharing a Few Ideas with My Unschooling High Schooler

Homeschooling in a Crisis

Learning from Life

Why I Am My Children’s Number One Fan

Imogen Talks about the Role of Parents in Unschooling

Free Youtube Classical Movies and Mini-Series

How to Have Demanding Children Who Rule the House

Imogen Talks about Unschooling and University

Counting Down to the Biggest Writing Challenge of the Year

Why it”s Not a Good Idea to Read Carefully and Slowly

Bushrangers on Our Local Roads?

Suzie Andres’ Unschooling Books

The Problem of Applying Sunscreen to Wet, Sandy Bodies

Do You Know What’s at the End of Our Road?

Starring… the Elvis Girls!

Bite-Sized Pieces of Unschool Maths

Enjoying an Unexpected Little Adventure

Interviewing My Children and Other Family Movies

Giving Up My Perfect Start-of-the-Year Plans

Live Life to the Full, Have No Regrets

Memories of an Inexperienced Mother

Confessions of a Former Hot-Tempered Mother

When Worry Gets in the Way of Love

What Do Children Need for a Happy Childhood?

How the Girls and I Take a Weekly Trip Overseas

Aiming for Love Not Perfection

Nothing is More Important than Love

When a Child Has Only One Interest

The Opportunity to Discover, the Freedom to Choose

Guiding My Children Responsibly Without Imposing Rules

Making Children Learn What They Don’t Want to Know

Falling in Love the Jane Austen Way

Watching History as it Happened

Excited about Maths

What a Day Without Rules Looks Like

Why I Wanted to Delete My Blogs

Imposing Rules on Children: Is There a Better Way?

Igniting a Child’s Love of Learning

How to Get Children to Do Their School Work

Getting Children to Help with the Chores

Restricting Children’s Time on the Computer

The ‘Risky’ Business of Trusting Children

Rules, Responsible Parenting and Radical Unschooling

Unschooling: No Hippie Way of Life Needed

If You’re Thinking About Unschooling…

Favourite Books for Girls Aged 7 and Above

Strewing Astonishing Apples on the Wall

Writing, Blogging, Sharing and Enjoying

A Whole Month of Writing Challenges!

Can Catholic Unschoolers Teach Their Children About the Faith?

Sharing Some Thoughts on Children and Writing

Sharing Some Thoughts on Learning to Read

Sharing Some Thoughts on Unschool Maths

Is it Possible to Unschool Part-Time?

How My Daughters Are Organising My Education

Blogging about Unschooling in My Non-Expert Way

A Non-Super Mum’s Approach to Creative Arts

With So Much Freedom, Will an Unschooler Choose to be Lazy?

Never-Ending Unschooling

Why Do Some Children Love Writing?

Why it is Essential I Love My Own Ideas

What Happened When I Strewed a Painting on the Wall

Lunch with the Saints

Thinking about Maths Creatively

How to Get Our Children to Trust Us

What if…?

A Real Science Education

An Unschooling Way of High School Science

Passions, Careers and Time

A New Unschooling Year Begins

Imogen’s Unschooling Plan to Get into University

From Unschooling to Successful University learning

Paintings, Jigsaws and other Art History Ideas

Breeding like Mice

Chess, Sudoku, and Lazy Summer Days

Encouragement from a Super-Hero Sister

What I Think Unschooling Is All About

My Unschoolers’ End-of-the-Year Reports

When Will I Use All This Maths Mum?

What to Do When Strewing is Rejected

Independent Learners. Toast and Heavy Washing Baskets

A Real Maths Learning Moment

The Tricky Problem of Giving a Child Unasked-For Help

How Much Is Enough?

Some Bits and Pieces…

Nurturing Independent Learners

Having the Confidence to Ignore the Opinions of Others

Giving My Unschoolers a Maths Test

How the Girls Are Going to Write Novels in Only One Month

Tired and Cranky and Lacking Enthusiasm

Forcing a Child to Do What He is Afraid to Do

Resolving to Go on More Adventures

Love and Physics

A Better Way to Get into University

Real Maths Running

My Homeschool Records Book

My Unschooling Highschoolers and Writing

An Education at the Museum

Another Unschooling Holiday

Remembering to Trust

A Main Course of Reading Out Loud

How Do You Feel on a Monday Morning?

Some Maths to Share on One of Those Tired Mornings

Comparing Homeschooling Styles: a Child’s View

Why I’m Not a Good Homeschooling Teacher

Time to Unschool

Online Maths Courses: Maths Online

Old Fashioned Playground Fun

Latin Books and Website

Poems Purely For Pleasure

For Snail Mail Writers and Bloggers

Learning About Punctuation the Lewis Carroll Way

Cool Characters and Cartoon Strips

Priest Holes, Persecution and Catholic History

How My Daughter Turned into Skye Penderwick

Lots of Jane Austen Paper Dolls

More on Times Tables

Motivated to Learn the Times Tables

Entertaining Chemistry (with Explosions!)

My Place: Australian History Series

Learning the Principles of Computer Game Design

A Famous Artist: Historical Fiction

Videos About Numbers and Stuff

Free Fulton Sheen Talks

In God’s Garden: a Book of Saints

The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

Tomie de Paola’s Saints’ Books

My Heart Lies South

Having Fun Creating Cartoons


Lure of the Labyrinth: an Online Maths Game

A Grave Digging Nun and Art History

A Great Catholic Novel for Adults

The Power and Fun of Mind Maps

Education Doesn’t Have a Use-By Date


An Absolutely Wonderful Book on the Apostles’ Creed for Children

Great Australian Historical Fiction

A Homeschooler’s Thoughts on Her First Exam

The Rose Round: Children’s Fiction

Smiling over Unschoolers and Maths Text Books

Those Weird Unschoolers

A Little Unobtrusive Help with Reading

Wanting to Learn How to Spell

What about My Perfect Homeschooling Success Story?

How Children Learn According to Sophie

My ‘Bad’ Homeschooling Days

A Few Deaths, an Epilogue and Heaps of English

Handwriting Matters or Maybe it Doesn’t

How Younger Siblings Learn By Listening In

What Do Children Need to Learn?

How to Make Children Do Their School Work

Learning From My Children

Sharing Cranford

Planning the Next Term’s School Work in Half an Hour

A Little Way of Homeschooling Cartoon Style

Encourage or Discourage?

Billy Tells the Story of the Three Wise Men

Homeschooling Heidi

A Doctor’s Waiting Room Education

A Slow Learner

Miss Elvis

Longing for Some Quiet Time

A Novel Writing Adventure

Turning Famous Paintings into Jigsaw Puzzles

Wednesday Adventures

It’s Quite OK to be Different

An Unschooling Holiday

My Maths-Magician Helps Out

Sophie’s Basket

Sew Easy

Did I Doubt? I’m Not Telling!

Leading by Example

Lots of Questions about Resources

Resisting the Temptation to Interfere

Sharing Jane Eyre

Drawing, Geometry and a Happy Girl

I am a Pirate King…!

Let’s Talk Maths

Yikes! Do They Know About Filtration?

Lunch with Charles Dickens

The Photography Girls Head into the Bush

A Jane Austen Education

More eBook Adventures

How I Bought 83 Books for $35

An Adventure Hiding in Every Moment

Brothers But Different

Crushed by a Label

A Passion for Writing

Warming My Homeschooling Heart

Sophie’s Unschooling Holiday

Unschooling: The Little Way

Mud Pies, Stews and Cakes

Doing Nothing?

Babies, Toddlers and Unschooling (Part 3)

Babies, Toddlers and Unschooling (Part 2)

Babies, Toddlers and Unschooling (Part 1)

TV Chef Dad Fills the Freezer

In the Kitchen with a TV Chef Dad

Speed Angel Joy

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do…

A Typical Unschooling Day?

What Next?

Always Learning

We’re Catholic Unschoolers Woo! Hoo!

Doing Our Own Thing

Undercover Homeschoolers

Come in and Meet My Family

Behind that Cream Front Door


  1. Reply

    Dear Sue,

    I accidentally found your blog and absolutely love it! Been reading your entries on My Homeschooling Stories.

    We started homeschooling this year and as you know, with all new beginners, there's lots to learn, especially for the mother. We are slowly moving more towards unstructured approach. It's exciting and scarry at the same time. So, reading your experiences here really help! Thank you very much also for your honesty because it makes me feel that what I'm experiencing is normal. And with God's grace, I can do this very challenging job :).

    1. Reply

      Wei Yun,

      I am so glad you found my blog! Thank you for stopping and leaving a comment.

      Exciting and scary? I can understand that! Have you read "A Little Way of Homeschooling"? Here's a quote I really love about trusting God and having confidence we can homeschool our children:

      "God will give each of us the time that we need to learn everything He wants us to know; this applies to both ourselves and our children. Why do we expect we must teach it all to our children in our homeschool? And why do we automatically assume that this burden of prospective learning will be painful for them, arduous for us? There is a less frightening way….

      … In the spirit of St Therese, we as Catholics ought to realise that Jesus has set us free. If we believe His words, if we strive to believe Him more and more, we will start by living one day at a time, letting tomorrow take care of itself. Already we will have made progress if we refuse to see the whole future of a child contained in today’s accomplishments, successes and failures…

      …Spend time listening to Him, and let Him tell you what He desires for your family. It may be unschooling… Whatever it is, you will recognise it by the peace it brings to you and your children. Do not settle for anything else."

      Did you see the free giveaway for this book? Perhaps you'd like to enter. I could add your name…

      I hope you'll feel welcome to return and share more of my posts, and stop and discuss… I'm always happy to share my experiences and offer any help.

      God bless!

    2. Reply

      Hi Sue, yes I would like to enter for the free give away. How do I go about it?

      Believe it or not, I'm actually going through all your entries under Homeschooling stories because I find them SO inspiring! And since you have so highly recommended Suzie Andres book, it's on my must-read book list now :).

      Somehow while reading your posts, I find it very comforting because they speak directly to my concerns, things that I have yet to find answers to, somehow your experiences help bring the message home for me :). Thank you! Your blog is already on my favorite list to visit :).

    3. Reply

      Wei Yun,

      I feel so honoured that you're reading all my homeschooling stories. Thank you! We are all different as families but it can be good to share and encourage each other along. I guess the details of homeschooling may vary from family to family but we can still share common principles.

      I don't know if you have noticed but most of the links to these stories lead to my other blog, Sue Elvis Writes. The stories are also on this unschooling blog but I need to update the links. I must get around to doing that!

      I guess we all have our concerns about homeschooling. We want to do the best for our children and not risk their education in any way. Perhaps the experience of having homeschooled 4 children all the way from kindy to university entry has given me the confidence I used to lack. I am really enjoying my younger children because I know unschooling works and is the right fit for us. I no longer worry about the little things and just enjoy my girls. I wish I'd been so sure about what I was doing with my older ones! But I don't think any real harm was done during my times of trial and error. Children are resilient!

      I hope you also find the confidence and knowledge to overcome your concerns. I think homeschooling should be enjoyed!

      I'm sorry Wei Yun, but the giveaway is over. I drew the winners a few days ago. I would still recommend Suzie Andres' book though. It's available as a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon.

      Please stop by any time and say hello.

      God bless!

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